Possible Cure -helped me dramatically please read(Jesus is Lord)

What were the values? Did you have low t?

all symptoms, brain fog included improved.


no I did not have low t.

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What were the values though?

Dhea and preg cured me for a week. All symptoms reversed my muscles were coming back, my face looked more normal pre pfs looking, mind was clear, libido, sleep, energy, joint pain, skin was oily, etc. Sadly it only lasted 1 week. I don’t feel anything from the dhea or pregnenolone anymore.

Can you state what sexual symptoms improved to what degree? Did your penis size (both when erect and flaccid) and orgasm intensity turned back to 100% normal too?

Im asking this question a lot because im collecting data from recovery stories. Thanks. Any info besides those questions would be good too. @Toughluck24

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What is/was ur TOTAL T level ?

Ya it went back to normal.

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I am also believ In God,an I will asck you to pray for me


Does it work with Zeus, Odin or Buddha? I’m curious. And how many times do I need to pray so that can work? Which language is the best ?
Thank you for your scientific approach.


You have to be able to give your heart to the lord. It’s the hard part as there is always a monkey on your back telling you it won’t work. Give fully and you’ll be cured.

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I tried DHEA, it didn’t work for me.

So much broscience on here. That said, DHEA may prove usefulness for a niche audience with lowish DHEA-s and E2. I’ve seen many PFSers share bloodwork with high DHEA-s level, it’s useless and may even be harmful in such cases. It’s a hormone and should be respected as such. It mostly converts to E2 in Men when taken in doses of >= 15mg/d. So folks with high E2 should steer clear from high dosing.

I too had intermittent success with it. It helped mental clarity and libido albeit temporarily. I always had to stop after a while because I’d start getting low Cortisol symptoms. 50mg & 100mg doses are absolutely absurd! I had the best results on 10-15mg.

I’ve also been thanking god and asking for mercy through prayer and since starting my latest treatment (which this forum will hate but will make a post about in a few weeks if it keeps working) I have seen marginal improvements in my condition.

Even if I can’t treat my PFS I have so much to live for like the love of family, music, etc. And while PFS does inhibit my ability to appreciate God’s creation, I am still thankful for the gift of life.


If you don’t mind, can you post your lab tests before this? Total Testosterone, free T, progesterone, DHT, estrogen ultra sensitive, fsh,lh, dhea shbg, etc? Your hormones May have been out of wack before. It took me 3 doctors and many years before one Dr ran an ultra sensitive estrogen test to discover that while my normal E was average(22), on the ultra sensitive scale I was super low (12) I’m now on T replacement and even now some of my doctors question why Anyone would want an ultra sensitive test. Every time I run that test it’s Wildly different than a standard estrogen test. Fixing my estrogen level by way of injecting testosterone is one of the things that cured me. To this day if I under dose and my T falls and then estrogen falls, my dick is as lifeless as a noodle.


Same. Didn’t work for me

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Let’s end the „religion debate“ here, please.


This :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: you nailed it bro. T:E2 is an important milestone to one’s recovery. The standard assay is known to overestimate E2 value since it’s meant for women (Their E2 run as high as 350 pg/ml). My E2 used to turn out 11pg/ml on standard test and describing my feeling as horrible is understatement! I think it was as low as a single digit. Too bad, there’s no sensitive test where I live :pensive: DHEA may help those with low DHEA-s & E2 but one should not overdo DHEA because that may throw Cortisol out of balance, which also sucks big time.

Keep us posted, oyyboychad35!

Did you have genital numbness, and to what degree? and how is it now?

p.s. i wish we had a signature/user title that would abbreviate our history/symptoms so you can see who is the same case as you.

What’s ur T level now ?
Total T ?