Please e-mail/reach out to "Professor" Shelly Gray

Gray is author of the ridiculous editorial “Post Finasteride Syndrome” published in the BMJ. It’s the one that the Wiki page cites as a “secondary source.” She made a litany of errors in the trash piece. I e-mailed her regarding her errors and she did not reply. It’s time to ramp up our collective efforts.

For the record, this is what I wrote to her:

Dear Professor Gray

In your editorial Post Finasteride Syndrome , you made a factual error that is in need of correction.

You made the following claim:

> In a four year, randomised, double blind, placebo controlled trial, persistent sexual adverse events six months after study withdrawal were more common in the placebo group (59%) than in the active treatment group (50%), indicating that these effects may not be related to finasteride.13

You never gave the number of patients in each group. I had to check the article you cited to get the numbers. It states it here. From Incidence and severity of sexual adverse experiences in finasteride and placebo-treated men with benign prostatic hyperplasia:

> Only 57 finasteride and 32 placebo-treated patients (4% and 2%, respectively) withdrew from the study specifically because of a sexual AE. The number of patients who discontinued because of a sexual AE declined during the course of the 4-year study for both treatment groups. Among patients who reported a sexual AE, 12% of finasteride patients and 19% of placebo patients had resolution of their AE while continuing therapy. Among the patients who discontinued the study (for any reason) and had a sexual AE present at the time of discontinuation , the sexual AEs resolved in 50% of finasteride-treated patients and 41% of placebotreated patients after discontinuation from the study

50% of 57 is a bigger number than 59% of 32. Therefore, persistent sexual adverse events six months after withdrawal were more common in the Finasteride group ( 29 ) than the placebo group ( 19 ) indicating that these effects were likely related to finasteride.

Also please note the bolded part. The authors clearly state that only those who quit the study early and had a sexual adverse event were tested for persistent side effects. The statement you made assumes all patients were tested for persistent sexual dysfunction when they were not.

Please issue a correction. This error you made is often cited as evidence Post Finasteride Syndrome does not exist when indeed it does.




How much money does Merck give them?
We (some people)are struggleing to live,but doctors Lies are pouring in,
It’s shameful to let a group of disabled patients argue with them .
What they do just like Colonists kill Indians with firearms.
Did her reply to you?I guess “no”