Penis desensitization (Theory)


The only PFS issue I ever struggled with was penis desensitization. I had no mental or erectile issues. My libido is the same. My penis however, has gotten significantly darker, drier, and feels like nothing all the way up to the glans, where only 40% of senses are there, and that’s how I can achieve orgasm.

It started first when I reduced the dose by half, that’s when the color changed. I linked it with lower cortisol which led to a darker pigment and thicker skin. Then it never recovered, more than 1.5 years off now. Cialis slightly improves pleasure, but not much, so maybe it’s an NO issue, and not androgen related. Cortisol like during insomnia, after workouts, caffeine, or low carbs, slightly improves it. Things that lower cortisol like Cyproheptadine or ashwaghandha destroys my libido and dick. Which makes sense why Glucocorticoid receptor antagonists like RU helps many with PFS, because it restores GR sensitivity.

I strongly believe that it is a PG or PGD issue. There is too much related to it. Whether the allergies that are created or disappear with PFS, the overall skin sensation that goes away, less earwax, eye problems, or stopping of hairloss.

What are the experiences of those using aspirin here.


Interesting theory. I had bad asthma as a kid, now learning this is related to very high pgd levels. I have the same experience with cortisol.

In regards to darkening, low sensitivity - always thought this was linked to low dht which affects the growth of smooth muscle cells. Once those start to go, blood flow to the penis is dropped quite a bit, lowering sensitivity, size, and skin tone.

Why do you mention aspirin?


Hi, i can’t help you with your problem, sorry. Can you please give more info about your cialis usage? Like how it improves pleasure? Do you mean orgasms or sensivity?

I want to use cialis too, what benefits you get from it? Thanks.


Because Aspirin inhibits PG synthesis, so I’m assuming it makes PFS worse if my theory is true.


It improved sensitivity slightly for me, there was more pleasure feeling while on it. Not huge, but but there for sure.

I used it to restore some of the lost girth along with PE.


PE are you talking about penis exercises ? & tylenol was mention alot on the old sexual exhaustion boards just as you said PG synthesis to fix premature ejaculation




So no PE or girth resolutions? Only a little sensivity gain? Have you cycled it, was it Balkan tribulus? Mediherb or Tribestan? Thanks much.