No more suicides, no more disease, I BELIEVE I FOUND A CURE


Tribulus contains an extract of Tribulus terrestris herb (aerial parts - leaves and stems) and contains steroidal saponins, mainly furostanol glycosides (including protodioscin and protogracillin) and small quantities of spirostanol glycosides, sterols and other compounds. This product is standardized to contain 100 mg per tablet of furostanol saponins to ensure optimal strength and quality. The compounds in Tribulus work together to: support normal reproductive function in men and women support normal hormone production in men and women promote vitality and stamina support physical endurance promote an overall feeling of well-being

I’m jumping on this high dosage trib treatment ASAP.

I’m on it already but only 3 pills a day and i got mine from world abs which is a trib product containing 90 percent of protodioscin.

Question… Where in the above copied info does it say this trib product mentioned in this thread contains 100 percent protodioscin?

I’m only asking because I’m trying to decide if I want to continue getting my trib from world abs or if I want to get this trib u guys are taking


I take 2 full plates 30-40 spears dailey. About 2 weeks. I had a super high for like 2-3 days, now not as high but better than my regular low!!

#143 … sM1445.pdf

Nevermind it’s right there


It just says on the bottle that it is 100mg of Protodioscin, but for the record 5 alpha, I have not been able to link this supplement to my improving symptoms, it is the raw asparagus that is doing it. It may be because you need high doses of Protodioscin, or at least I do because I have a lot of testosterone to reduce to DHT, your nature test is good, so you may not need as high doses as I after injecting test.
However, in each shoot of Asparagus there is about 25mg to 50mg of Protodioscin, I have been eating like 20 or them at a time. I have been taking 2 of the Tribulus supplements at a time, but when I quit the Asparagus my symptoms get worse, when I go back on the raw asparagus, they improve. I have not been able to get the benefits as of yet from these supplements, HOWEVER, it may take a couple weeks for them to work. They are herbal supplements, so I am staying on them, but I am also eating lots of raw asparagus, several times a day. I am having side effects of 5AR release, oily skin, hairs falling out of my head, improved libido and mood.
I recommend raw asparagus to start, see how you feel within 24 hours, if that works then go to the supplement. I am looking into buying that protodioscin methyl powder and seeing about ingesting it. The OP here got better with the supplements, so I am staying on them.


What’s fascinating is I have zero fatigue. I have great energy right now


Finatruth, because you are inducing 5AR enzymes which are reducing test to DHT and you are finally feeling DHT again and the 5AR 3 enzyme is what you are getting those benefits from I believe. Have you tried raw asparagus yet?


Raw asparagus and 10 pills of the trib it is than.
I will do 2 week cycles at a time with the trib and always stay eating the asparagus. I will do this for the next 3 months and report back with my experience


I ordered those supplements next day air, while I was waiting I had my assistant get me raw asparagus, started eating it immediately, went to a club that night. All of a sudden my muscles pumped up, skin got oily, everything improved. It was out of the blue, and I had forgotten about the Asparagus, so start that now. Also, on my suing Merck thread, I posted my photo if you want to see me, as these guys were forcing me to post a picture of all these drugs I am experimenting with to prove I am real, if you want to see me.


On a scale of 1-10, where would you rate libido and boners now?


I will ask again because I think maybe we found a connection here.

Finatruth and the others on asparagus did you notice a change in your urine color? You guys said that the smell changed that’s very important, check this and compare, this is chi saying how he noticed pathogens were being killed.

"urine will be like bright luminous green sometimes and a bit musty in smell. That’s pathogens being cleaned out. Important: With any potion that you decide to take for pathogens make sure you also supplement with Vitamin C on an irregular basis throughout the day. "


No!!! This isn’t about pathogens or detox!!


Brazilianguy, you are way off, if you follow my theories, this is damage to the 5AR enzyme production, asparagus has Protodioscin in it which is an inducer of 5AR enzymes. Also, urine always smells when you eat asparagus silly lol. Brazilianguy, sometimes reading your posts is entertaining to me, I don’t mean that in a bad way, they make me laugh often lol.


Been reading the thread and wanted to say it’s exciting and encouraging to see people trying simple things like asparagus and tribulus (different brands and extracts) and reporting real results even though not cured. Things like this I add to my arsenal of supplements and have allowed me to sustain my sex and social life.

I do think we should be careful to not be so hasty as to claim a cure in the title, it’s the “PFS noob” trap to feel good and believe you’ve found a cure, those of us who have been here long enough know PFS loves to give you hope so it can strip it away. Claiming cure and then back-peddling out of it makes you lose credibility (this is not aimed at the OP).

Thank you to everyone who continues to experiment. I find that at the the start of every new protocol I’m given new hope which keeps me going just long enough to start the next protocol with refreshed hope, and hope is what keeps me going strong. Thanks everyone! I’m off to buy some asparagus :smiley:


Finatruth: Chi cured himself by doing what his nutritionist said he said the last semester of 2013 was working with nutritionist and in october was cured. I don’t know if you ever used tribullus, but the effect can last a month and then stop working. I really hope that asparagus lead you to a cure, if I’m correct some guys said that they were cured by the same active compound in asparagus so I hope when you stop eating it the effects will stay in your body.

Justquitdut: I don’t care if you laugh at me I’m just saying chi got cured and he used asparagus it has antifungal, immunologic activity, it is a really good thing in the gut theory, he also said his pee was luminous green and smelly. Since you’re on HRT I don’t know if when you stopped eating asparagus it stopped working because of the asparagus or your hormone imbalance.

If that’s what cured Chi, I hope can cure us too, if not it is still good against pathogens, gut, 5AR and can be a weapon with other things to reach a cure and let us supplement, diet and hormone free and healthy like a normal person.


My fucking focus has been really really good lately. Most days I have to think for a moment about what date it is , now it’s flowing


Hej Justquitdut

What kind of asparagus is best, White or Green.



Green asaparagus. It’s helping another guy on the other thread.


Finatruth, Do you think you would get the same effect if you put it into blender and drank it instead of eating it ?


Have you tried stopping the vitamins and see what heppen? Are they doing anything? Does anyone know where the fucking jew went who started the thread?


I got a juicer. I’m going to get some later on and start tonight.

I’m just going eat some and drink some every day.