No more suicides, no more disease, I BELIEVE I FOUND A CURE

I microwaved it and they come out steamed, thanks Finatruth for the microwave suggestion, I put some butter on it, but a bunch of them in there. I am eating them as much as possible to generate enough 5AR enzymes to reduce my testosterone to DHT. I wonder if anyone agrees with me now that this condition is at least partly a problem with 5AR production? At least for me, it is clear as when I get better my face gets more oily, I can tell if it is in my mind or not, all I do is look at my face. It's the only upside to PFS is that my face hasn't been as oily. 
I tried the TRIBULUS, but I am not sure yet as I have been eating Sparagus the whole time, I injected an extra dose of testosterone to see if I would be able to process it and had at first a 5AR crash which resulted in the muscle twitching in my legs. However, after lots of asparagus and also those TRIBULUS supplements, I was doing much better. 
Now I am feeling a lot better, let me add that last night my muscles pumped, libido increased, everything we all want to increase did so, after I ate a lot of asparagus. This stuff doesn't seem to work right away, it takes hours to notice something, I say 12 hours at least, it gets your body to generate more 5 AR enzymes, those are the things that make us feel better and what we are lacking. 
Look what we have been reduced to here guys, sharing microwave cooking recipes lol, is that the end of this road for us? To be feminized women sitting on a forum discussing how to steam vegetables? I also want to add that low doses of HCG really do help, I always feel better after a shot of hcg. It's just that HCG causes me to get real hot and sometimes water retention, so I don't always do it.


anyone ever get an answer as to the name of the brand?


Tribulus 100mg Protodioscin MediHerb by Standard Process … B0006II9Y0


Do you have low testosterone? The op got his test up to normal levels first, low T will have the same symptoms


thanks, i may give it a shot. I tried very potent tongkat ali and didn’t see any results really. Was thinking of giving that another shot though.

My test is in normal range, so i could essentially just start the tribulus.


The brazilian guy has admited he’s never even taken finasteride.

I’m done with this forum. I’ve realised now it attracts all types of hypochondriacs with a messiah complex of providing ‘cures’.

I’ll keep a look-out for the studies but won’t waste my time opening the weekly recovery threads. Hopefully the moderators can look into clamping down on this because it’s absolutely ludicrous and just discredits our cause.


Well said.


Just to clarify I am braziliandude and I did take finasteride for your information. And suffered from many side effects. So dont even go there my friend.


Just to update, I have been taking Tribulus that the op was taking, it seems that it takes time to build up to a baseline, I have been taking very high doses, pills every few hours. Protodioscin is possibly a treatment for this condition at least so far it has helped the OP, me and Finatruth.


Danny, I would agree, but then I found out about Protodioscin front his op’s post and it is helping me, this condition can be confusing, I was cured for 2 weeks completely then fell back.


my question would be why would a natural testosterone booster cure PFS if majority of us already have normal test levels?


While it may boost test, that is not what is helping, it induces the release of 5 alpha reductase enzymes as well as it may be able to reset androgen receptors, at least in rats, but has not been proven in humans yet. The op claims it cured him, I am experimenting with it so far, so far I cannot report anything difinitive yet.


I agree and found the same to be true. My labs came back showing the best T to DHT ratio I’ve ever had from among the 8 sets of labs dating back to August of 2012.

A combination of TRT, HRT and cycling PCT with natural Tboosters while having a clean diet and heavy weight lifting I believe are the vital highlights of recovery, while also avoiding alcohol, sugar, gluten (Most of this is from CDNuts protocol). But there are also MANY vitamins and supplements on my list as well. I’ve cycled Andractim as well as AlphaHard for DHT. Originally started out with T injections and found the same claim to be true which JustQuitDut mentions; too much T is NOT a good thing and won’t raise DHT. This was Dr. Goldsteins initial approach, but he’s no longer doing this for patients. I’m now on Axiron, 60mg topical for T and also do Topical Progesterone, One week on, one week off.

Having said all this, I CANNOT claim a recovery or cure. But I can claim VAST improvements in hormonal profile and reduction of side effects. I say this because I have yet to stop doing all of these things mentioned above. The only time I would ever claim to be ‘recovered’ is after getting a set of good lab results without the values being influenced from all the stuff I take.

I see many are critical of JustQuitDut’s claims of recovery, so for the critics, just keep in mind we are works in progress and tend to get excited when good results happen. I can also relate to the many ‘setbacks’ or mini-crashes, this is a very common thing mentioned by those who have made progress. It’s like taking steps, 3 forward, 1 back, 2 forward 1 back etc… But over TIME it will average out to gradual progress!!!


Let us know of any progress


That’s not long enough, man. Herbal products need to be cycled for at least four weeks (5 days on / 2 days off x 4 weeks). That’s minimum. Herbal products can take up to 3.5 weeks to kick in. That’s normal. You need to buy at least a four week supply and try again, unfortunately.



Gonna buy some asparagus tonight!


Who is the fourth?

I woke up last night with the urge to jerk off, also again today just sitting on the train I got a random erection!! It’s def working


Me. I took ~6 grams per day of Tribulus (Optimum Nutrition) for about 4 weeks. For about 4 or 5 days everything went back to pre-fin - boners, drive, that grinding lust-filled urge. I spanked it like 14 times in 4 days. All tmi, I know.

How did it take for the asparagus to kick in? How much do you eat everyday? Do you eat it cooked or raw? How long has this recovery lasted in sex drive and boners? Has it waned, at all?

Sorry for all the questions.


You see, people listening to me and getting better, and until now I have been mocked, I know what this disorder is, with my background I have advantages others here do not. It is a disability of the 5AR production, the reason high doses of test do not work is because most men produce unlimited 5AR, we do not as of now. We use up our supply reducing the test to DHT, at first you feel good, then when you run out, you feel a crash. The key isn’t DHT, but the 5AR enzymes and their functions, towm8er, this condition can be “managed” with hormones, you can have significant improvement, you will still suffer symptoms, but you can bring yourself to a better baseline and get better and better. If anything the hormones will get you to start working out and living life a little more.
The key to treating this is inducing 5AR release, so far Protodioscin has been successful for a few here (me included). I also want to add, if you are on testosterone, do not listen to the HRT doctor, you need to experiment with low doses, you want higher, but your body can only reduce so much test before crashing. If you crash, you must skin a week, let your body build up more 5AR enzymes again and then inject a lower dose, I am between 0.5 to 1cc, I keep trying to get it higher than 0.5cc because when I inject 1cc I do crash, but then I feel better in a few days after my body produces more 5AR enzymes. If I inject 0.5, I kinda feel low test at the end of the week, even though I don’t crash, but that may be because I am used to being on more test. The problem is high doses of test at once, and many here are suffering from low test anyway


Finatruth and the others on asparagus did you notice a change in your urine color? You guys said that the smell changed that’s very important, check this and compare, this is chi saying how he noticed pathogens were being killed.

"urine will be like bright luminous green sometimes and a bit musty in smell. That’s pathogens being cleaned out. Important: With any potion that you decide to take for pathogens make sure you also supplement with Vitamin C on an irregular basis throughout the day. "