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So whats the update here ? Anyone trying the tribullus ??


I have ordered BTT Pro from World Abs which is supposed to have 95% Protodioscin. I’m rather hesitant to try it though.


I don’t know why, but Apr’s profile and post history no longer seem to exist.


The user already had another account on the forum and chose to create a new account which is against forum rules. The new account was frozen. He can login to his old account and post if he so chooses.


I’m 18 days into a Tribulus run. Taking Optimum Nutrition Tribulus 650 x ~6 grams a day (10 pills x 5 days on, 2 days off): … n+tribulus

Boners are harder, fuller, and last longer. My baseline is near zero, so it’s a decent improvement.

The brand I’m taking is not standardized for Protodoscin, and generally regarded as cheap (although other guys swear by it). Protodoscin seems to be the magic ingredient.


Apr1989, hopefully you’re still looking at this, because it would mean a lot to me and probably many others on this forum if you updated us. If you would please, try find your old username and log in. An unfortunate technicality.

Also, tumbleweeds… obviously it’s totally up to you how you want to experiment with this stuff, but why not follow something similar to Apr’s way of doing it with 1-2 weeks on and at least a week off? Just thought I’d ask.


what if he no longer remembers the password ?


Quick update - masterbated 3 times yesterday. Normally, on Saturdays, after I work a full day, I wank it once, max. Yesterday, boners were super hard. Like near full and had that old grinding feeling where I just wanted to rip a girl in two. Haven’t felt that in years. So it’s definitely doing something. Will experiment with a better quality brand next run.


Hey man,

I am cycling it (5 days on, 2 days off). That’s about standard for most herbs (5 on, 2 off/ 10 on, 5 off etc).

I took an OTC herbal product several years ago and cycled it 5 days on and 2 days off x 5 weeks. Worked amazing. There’s no perfect answer in terms of cycling. So long as the on time is twice as long as the off time, seems to be okay. Notice the OP’s on time was 2 times his off time, just different intervals etc…


It’s definitely doing something good.

Able to sustain an erection without any kind stimulation for a minute or so. This is totally abnormal for me. Erections are full and hard. Could bang a girl without Viagra on this. Also can feel it more in my prostate…a swelling or blood engorgement.

Looking back, I started the Trib on August 18th. It’s now roughly 3 weeks since the start date. Took about 3 weeks to kick in for me, as it usually does for herbs that work…


Great stuff tumbleweeds, do keep us updated, thanks.


Actually we have androgen upregulation,that means we have high androgen receptors but low androgens, or norman androgens but receptors cant read it.


I have some trib sitting around, also optimum nutrition. I’ll kick up the dose as of today and see what happens.



People are interested in Apr’s story but are also weary of potential trolling. We do not know if he has a new username because he forgot his old or whether he is hiding something. Best way to find out is to share with us please his old username. We will be able to verify whether there is something fishy.



yes, is it possible to share his old username?


Why don’t you guys just put 30 dollars down on some Tribulus and see for yourself? It’s cheap stuff.


I find herbs need to be run for awhile before they kick in. At least 4 weeks to be safe.


its not only that, some people have bad sides from tribullus, and also we need to check if this guy if for real. does anyone know his old user?


I did some reading and OP is not alone in emphasizing the need for standardized protodioscin, this is discussed on body building forums. They claim it acts on the pituitary gland, increasing LH, and then Free T.
I think it is worth a try by some. How to try it is an important and open question, which applies to all supplements and intakes that affect your hormones. I am not sure what is best really. Probably this should be the topic of another post because it applies to other supplements. For now you guys can try OP’s protocol and some people can make variations on this.

I am not sure I trust the recovery of OP, but it seems this should have a positive effect at least on the short term. I emphasize the need to cycle but not sure about the lengths.

Mew could have helped us with the information we requested to know whether OP is credible or not … I frankly don’t understand.


Guys, I have to weigh in here, most of you know I don’t take a million things or have a cure for any of this, but last week I had 4 consecutive days of eating massive amounts of asparagus (loaded with prodoscin) ever since that time, I have had stronger erections, great libido etc. furthermore, my penis now hangs normally and is much more thick and engorged after ejaculation. This is the first time this has happened. If not a cure, this could potentially be a very significant aid or treatment of ED.