No more suicides, no more disease, I BELIEVE I FOUND A CURE


Dude what did help you?


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Based on what I found so far about Triptorelin (Decapeptyl), it doesn’t make sense how a low dose could be helpful, other than the initial boost in Testosterone. This stuff will shut down your production of LH, FSH and Testosterone. And it comes with a scary list of potential side effects, many of which are similar to PFS.

" By causing constant stimulation of the pituitary, it decreases pituitary secretion of gonadotropins luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)."

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE):
“An almost complete suppression of testosterone levels can cause hot flushes, erectile dysfunction and decreased libido.”
“An initial increase in testosterone levels can cause transient worsening of signs and symptoms of prostate cancer in the first weeks. LHRH agonists may reduce bone mineral density, increase the risk of depression and cause metabolic changes (glucose intolerance and increased risk of cardiovascular disease).”

Considering all this, I think your ‘recovery’ or ‘improvements’ are far more likely to be related to quality Tribulus alone.
What’s the point of taking Triptorelin for the initial boost in Testosterone when you can just take injections of Testosterone to boost it?

Anyhow, I am unable to draw any beneficial conclusions or theories on Tripto. Please feel free to share the info you have which convinced you this was a good idea.


Braziliandude, you’ve posted this in another thread, probably thinking you were putting it in the triptorelin-tribulus recovery thread: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9299&start=140#p88056

If this is for real, please make a thread about it and give us a proper explanation.


I have looked into trib supplements, and the one OP is taking is absurdly overpriced. I have a few emails out asking for lab results pertaining to Protodioscin content, but until then, don’t buy the one OP is taking. From what I have found, you can get over a years supply of this stuff at very high dose with very high Protodioscin content for like 20 dollars. Will update when I get responses from the companies…


Is anyone else concerned about posts like this?


Could it make us worse?


I’m not sure about this particular post. The only thing I find suspicious about it is that he is using the most expensive tribulus supplement I have found. Personally, I have taken tribulus in the past (not at the dosages this threads recommends), and I have not experienced any negative effects from it. I looked into the rat study that says it increases AR expression in the brain, and it seems legitimate. I looked into the lead author on that study, and he is an actual research scientist who currently works at a university in Saudi Arabia, so he also has a bit of credibility.

I am unsure as to whether or not we are low on androgen receptors. The epigenetic part of the Harvard study will reveal that information, so if you want to wait like a year, we will know for sure.

It does seem that in the past many people have reacted negatively to androgens. That is weird, and I don’t have a particular explanation for it. Although, off the top of my head, if we are low on androgen receptors, but high on androgens, what are the androgens upto? Androgens become estrogens via aromatase, so if the androgens have nothing to bind to in the cells, they could convert to estrogens in much higher proportions (plus you don’t get androgenic genes transcribed either), and so you would get all the signs of excess estrogen, and it would just get worse by taking androgens.

Why would taking tribulus make things worse though? If tribulus’ main method of action is increasing androgen receptors (which is still debatable in humans) than there isn’t much reason to think it could cause estrogen like symptoms, unless you get a drop in testosterone as a result of the increased androgen receptors. If this is the case, the other drug OP took which spiked his natural testosterone production to very high levels (and maintained them) PRIOR to start tribulus may have been what prevented him from getting worse from starting tribulus.


I should point out though, that all anecdotal evidence for tribulus claims the complete opposite, that tribulus actually INCREASES testosterone (though I have found people mention it also increases SHBG and estrogens as well). Clinical studies (on healthy people) indicate that it doesn’t seem to have any significant effect on testosterone. I just recently got some blood work done, and should have the results soon. Once I get them, if everything is looking reasonable, I will likely try some high dose tribulus like OP. I’ll get some additional blood work immediately after starting, and probably again a week or so later to determine what it has done to my levels etc. I’ll also let you know if there is any significant effect from the tribulus itself.


Aren’t the mixed results/effects of tribulus said to be due to non standardized protodioscin content? All tribulus is not created equally, supposedly. In fact, tribulus and tongkat are said to be two of the most scam-ridden male herbs.


The reason why I took it is because it is the only magic bullet there exists to save your hypothalamus from low testosterone, clomid and nolvadex might have gotten it up to 500 max I was told by endocrinologists who all told me not to take it, and triptorelin got it up to 1050, also it is totally safe AT THE DOSAGE OF (0.1MG) 100 MICROGRAMS and not more. 0.1mg is such a tiny amount it cannot shut down your hypothalamus. I’ll tell you how I know it was the triptorelin that raised my testosterone and not the tribulus, because it was at 1050 after the triptorelin for about a month and a half to two months before I took the tribulus. The reason I wanted my natural testosterone back is because TRT can lead to heart and health problems, and is not the same as producing your own testosterone.

The science behind triptorelin is it basically works like turning the propeller to a twin engine plane, or jump starting a dead battery. We have low testosterone because our hypothalamus is no longer sending GNRH to the pituitary, so the pituitary doesn’t send LH to the testicles and they don’t make testosterone. Triptorelin is GNRH, thats all it is. Its a tiny pulse of GNRH sent to your hypothalamus, which fires it up into restarting its own gonadotropin production again. Its used like this to successfully launch kids into puberty who have delayed puberty.

If you want me to post my lab work before and after, including the one with the spike 15 minutes after the shot where my LH went to around 30, let me know.


Pfs is not about low testesterone, mine is high.


I tried to order the Tribulus on Standard Process website, but unfortunately you need to be a health professional in order to have an account and being able to order. If you are just a customer, you need to search for a “local professional” who will be able to refer you to Standard Process products, so you can’t buy it by yourself, and how the hell can I find a “local professional” since i’m in France. In other words, it’s impossible to order :cry:

Are you a doctor, April1989?


I believe he posted a link where you can get it on Amazon: … B0006II9Y0

Hopefully that helps.


Please do.


Now this post has suddenly become extremely fishy. Your FIRST POST is linking to the tribulus I have already said is EXTREMELY OVERPRICED, and people should NOT BUY.

I would just like to point out that if you mother fuckers are here trying to scam a bunch of sick men by selling them your overpriced garbage you should probably get yourself examined, because you are very likely a fucking sociopath in need of psychiatric attention. It is also quite risky fucking with a bunch of men with nothing left to lose in this wide world.

If SOMEHOW this is all coincidence, then you can all agree that that tribulus is CLEARLY overpriced, and that people here SHOULD NOT be buying such garbage.


I apologize, I didn’t mean to inspire that response from anyone. I’ve been following discussions on this board and someone needed clarification so I assisted them. If the tribulus is overpriced for the quality, then it absolutely follows that other brands of equal or better quality for less should be considered. I’m with you; I’m in the same situation as you. Let’s stay focused and honor the OP’s attempt to share something with us that helped him. My mistake again for the confusion generated.


Yes my wonderful mom used her license from when she was a nurses aid the 70s. I can order it for anyone who cannot get it shipped to wherever they are, like France. Just PM me and I will order it for you.


Hey man I’m not trying to scam anybody here. Have it ever occurred to you that if tribulus has only worked in some cases then it may be that quality varies from brand to brand, and maybe to harvest only the arial parts is expensive because it probably requires at lot of tribulus plants? That had not occurred to me dude. Since the whole plant is practically a flower with a tiny stem. Maybe the all arial tribulus from Bulgaria is more expensive than flower based tribulus from somewhere else. I was looking at tribulus brands after I read the PubMed study on protodioscin and I thought maybe its high priced because its of very expensive high quality? Sometimes the best quality is the highest price. When it comes to regaining my body and mind and soul back from this horrible hell of disease that has waged war on me for 10 months I don’t want to mess around with a weapon that doesn’t work. I’m sticking with this stuff thats worked for me.


Don’t worry about that guy, man. We appreciate you posting. Please continue to update us on your progress!! How do you feel? Boners/libido still good? Are you still running the protocol? Is it still effective?

Between you and I, there’s a large contingent of guys on here that are very depressed/suicidal/pessimistic. Anything that involves money, effort or risk is a “scam”. Please pay them no mind.

Also, the concept of variable quality of herbal extracts also eludes them…