No more suicides, no more disease, I BELIEVE I FOUND A CURE


UPDATE: I decided to try stopping cold turkey with this current bottle of tribulus for you guys to see what would happen. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO WEAN OFF. When I stopped cold turkey I lost more gains than usually when coming off, and muscle twitches increased. I took a capsule then later in the day another capsule and the muscle twitches stopped. Now I am doing my normal gradual wean off when I take a capsule less and less often. It seems like the body gets used to having its cells bathed in protodioscin causing them to make new androgen receptors and if you stop cold turkey instead of weaning off, it pulls the rug out from under the cells. If there is a gradual wean off, the cells are let down gently and don’t notice its gone very much. I usually go from 10 to 8 to 5 to 3 to 2.5 to 2 to 1.5 to 1 to 1 to 1 to .5 and then stop, I just take a capsule when I feel I need one and try to take as few as possible while weaning off.


Thanks for posting. Will give this a shot.

Through personal experience, I know one or more herbal products exist that can at least reverse the symptoms of PFS. Took an OTC herbal testbooster in 2010 that reversed all PFS symptoms. Felt amazing on it - well being, confidence, boners, libido, nocturnal and morning wood, mental clarity. Stuff like this really exists, guys. We just need to guinea pig this stuff and work together.

KEY to all this, like the OP said, is EXTRACT QUALITY. Herbal supplements are unregulated. Quality differs from brand to brand and batch to batch! Tonnes of snake oil sellers out there, too (manufacturers selling “tribulus” that’s half saw dust)!! Further, often these herbs take time to build up in the body (user must cycle for several weeks). This is why we get so many negative reviews of herbs around here - guys simply don’t appreciate or understand the nature of the market and the products they get, take saw dust for a few days, come back and report that xyz herb is useless and warn everyone off!!!

Please keep us posted on your progress!


I grew Tits on a+ tribulus within 3 weeks, definatly something going on with the tribulus.
I suggest people search for gyno tribulus/ gyneocomastia etc tribulus, trust me the gyno you dont want.

I think if you have a low testosterone of your self this is a no go, the excess testosterone will convert in moobs, this is the most tricky herb i know.


did u use that exact same brand ? if not…than it doesnt count.


Gonna give this a go.


Worth a short for sure, minimally evasive


We all need to schedule a mass protest at merck. We need to draw the media further into this unbelievable atrocity to thousand s of innocent men!!


thats the best idea ive heard upto now…


You can count me IN for a Merck Protest. But let’s put this in it’s own separate topic.

Glad we have a discussion on Triptorelin and Trib because it looks to be a promising idea. I’ve tried nearly every protocol on this forum. Improved considerably compared to last year, about 85% recovery estimate. Very interested in this and plan to talk to my doc about it.


what did you do for improving i have no improvment like many of others which semtoms improve libido , mental mood


If you are familiar with CDNuts protocol and actually do what is recommended without skipping or cheating, you WILL see improvements over time. Search PH for CDNuts posts. Here’s the main topic link, 27 pages…

It’s important to note that improvements may seem like taking 3 steps forward, and then experience a step or two back like CD said. This is true. But over time, the bad days or setbacks will get less and less severe. And note that my own plan is a modified version which I’ve tweaked over time.

Even though I’m about 85% back to normal, I still struggle with some of the neurological sides like anhedonia, general sense of just not being happy or excited about anything, lack of self esteem or confidence etc. So I’m open to try this Triptorelin and Tribulus combo. IF this turns out to be somewhat of a ‘jumpstart’ to our system and lab results prove to hold the gains, then it very well could be a shortcut to improve. I still say follow CDnuts advice because I know it works. PM me for more info. A few of us have been emailing each other offline in an effort to consolidate the 27 pages into a plan with specifics.


How can you consider yourself anywhere near 85% if you have anhedonia and general unhappiness. Those are horrible and IMO the primary reason for suicide.


I am no longer depressed
Sex function is fully back, nocturnal, aroused without stim (by sight or thought)
I no longer have anxiety
I’m losing fat and gaining muscle
I can think clearly
I no longer have trouble talking, no stuttering
I’m getting more and more social
I no longer consider suicide an option
I’m becoming a more positive thinker and not dwelling on negatives like I used to

All good, right?

I have no idea how to put a percentage on this progress, so I just guestimated at 85%.


I realized how difficult it is to find Decapeptyl online so here is where I got the triptorelin and tribulus from:

Triptorelin Acetate 0.1mg (100 micrograms) Decapeptyl by Ferring … relin.html

Tribulus 100mg Protodioscin MediHerb by Standard Process … B0006II9Y0

Again, I took one preloaded seringe shot of Decapeptyl triptorelin in a pinch of belly skin, waited a month or so and began taking 7-10 (up to 12) tablets of MediHerb tribulus spaced evenly throughout the day for 1 to 2 week stretches, slowly weaned off and then took nothing for 1 to 2 weeks, and then continued with more treatments of high dose tribulus. I have taken 9 bottles so far, each with 40 pills, and I plan to continue until I am cured.

Both when I am on and off the tribulus my sexual function has returned, muscle spasms almost stopped, oily feet and palms and face, energy, cognitive function returned, virility, youth, zeal, hope. I hope you try this and it does the same for you, shabbath shalom.


APR1989, could you please tell me how you arrived at the decision to use Triptorelin?

Doctor recommended? If so, what’s the docs specialty?

What made you decide to try it?

And lastly, what other things have you tried in order to get better and for how long?



The link for Tribulus is only 100mg per tablet.

I’ve been taking this brand at 1000mg per tablet and 80% Protodioscins:

Wouldn’t it be easier to just take one pill a day?
What criteria should I use to compare brands and quality?



My testosterone was at 140 (200-1000) so even if I could turn by androgen receptors back on, I didn’t have the testosterone to function normally as a man in my 20s. I needed to get that level up. Triptorelin is a new and far more effective option than clomid, nolvadex or other SERMs. Doctors all dissuaded me. Crisler told me to take 0.2mg (2 injections) which never works. I only took one 0.1mg injection of Decapeptyl and my testosterone came up to 1050 and has stayed that way for months. I still had post finasteride syndrome so I started taking treatments of high doses (7-12 capsules a day) of MediHerb tribulus and all the symptoms began going away quickly. I am now at least 80% cured when I’m off the tribulus.

The only other thing I tried was the paleo diet and exercise and vitamin D which really didn’t do much, and I took a flood dose of iboga total alkaloid during the winter, which cured the depersonalization I had since I was 15, but did nothing for my post finasteride symtoms. I occasionally take a capsule or two of ground iboga root bark before I go to sleep, and I take a multivitamin and fish oil.


I think the only relevant criteria would be protodioscin quality and purity in the tribulus plants harvested.

I noticed that brand has 72,000mg of protodioscin per bottle while the other brand has 4,000mg per bottle at almost 2.5 times the price. Thats 18 times the amount of protodioscin for only 30% of the cost. I wonder can it really be the same protodioscin? If it reversed your symptoms, then I’m sure it has some of the same stuff in it the tribulus I’ve been taking has.


did someone actually delete my post about my recovery ? is this for real man ? what now ? I cant share whats helping me ? anyways I think Im done with this forum


?? What post?! PLEASE POST UPDATES. This sounds amazing! I am going to research this and may start in short order.