No more suicides, no more disease, I BELIEVE I FOUND A CURE


Thanks for the update Lukas,

Good to hear that your making progress.

Do you think clomid or trt could be used instead of tribulus for your protocol?


Has anyone else had success with Triptorelin? I’m low T so definitely need some sort of a restart.


Anyone looking into trying trip + trib regimen with me soon? Getting desperate lol


I think is all related to Androgen Receptor, 5AR, dopamine receptor.
Apr1989 when takes tribulus he feels 100% when not he feels tinnitus, muscle twitches and loose a bit of penile sensitivity. The interesting thing is that tribulus increase dopamine, and dopamine is used to treat parkinson (muscle twitches may be something similar but in a very low degree of parkinson). And SSRI cause tinnitus, brain fog, anhedonia, muscle twitching, all the same sides of pfs.

What I think that happened with Apr1989, he increased his AR then by his androgens binding to AR he improved and also androgens are linked to dopamine and vice versa, he also said that he feels no more depression. Maybe now he should do the same with dopamine receptor and one good medication to do it is pramipexole because is the only that acts on d3 receptor. One other thing is that increase GH, and maybe GH increase 5AR, AR, that’s justquitdut theory I don’t know if he still agree with that, I’d like to read his opinion but I think he blocked me.


to lukas:

i would be very grateful if u could ask apr1989 which brand of triptorelin he used and from which pharmaceutical company in germany he ordered it and perhaps send the info to me via pm


to lukas:

i would be very grateful if u could ask apr1989 which brand of triptorelin he used and from which pharmaceutical company in germany he ordered it and perhaps if u could send the info to me via pm or email

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ty very much




Did anyone actually try the darn protocol from OP? It seems like 4 people were having progress with it and then no one responded with ultimate results.


I’m confused on what exactly the protocol was


Take very high levels of a specific (very high quality) Tribulus/Protodiocsin over the course of the day (7 pills) for a full two weeks. Then go off for 2 weeks. Then on for two weeks. Then off… apparently the baseline increases with each cycle.

The key is to also ween and taper off at the end of each cycle or else the body will crash. The other key is to take the pills throughout the day so your bathing your cells in protodiocsin all day long.


Hi apr1989

Do you have an update 4 years later as of your condition ?

And by the way, L-Carnitine also increases the density of AR receptors according to this article:

I ordered L-Carnitine L-Tartrate and will try it.


I am also curious to hear from Apr1989 but it looks like he has been banned, which I think is unfortunate. Does anyone know why he was banned?


I cycled tribulus for 2 years, no effect. I also took ridicilously high doses, way more than apr and the only effect is that I need less Testosterone injections.


What makes you think he has been ban ?


Thank you for mentioning this. Apr1989 unfortunately got automatically suspended by a spam detection service we are using. This was not intentional, and I am sorry about that. I have unsuspended him and will write him a pm to inform him of what had happened.


Thank you for your information. Did your penile sensivity came back 100% too? How are you now?
Also after your cure, were your orgasms in the same intensity as it is used to be? (pre-PFS state)
And how about your semen volume? Thanks…


Im using tribestan 5 pills a day for a week now. I saw no difference, maybe even i go worse. Am i have to wait for the effects to kick in? Or my body just don’t accept androgenic treatment? (I had a similar experience with different kind of supplements, you can read my thread)
What should i do now? Am i have to keep using and wait? Or should i taper off and quit?


You are taking too much, you need to start at one pill a day and build up to two, maybe three pills a day for the first several cycles, and slowly taper off, once your symptoms start to improve higher doses will be effective. If you take too much at once it will not work, even if you took too much do not worry, it will still work, you will just need to start all over again from the beginning with a low dose