New study from Dr. Melcangi published 12-04-2021

New study by Dr. Melcangi et al.

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Is PNMT variation part of the 23 and me raw data that was submitted to mods? Would be interesting to see if a lot of us have similar genotypes

No clue, don’t ask me, tag the mods.

Sorry I just meant in general for anyone reading that. @Greek

Does this give hope for cure?


‘there is always hope’ - aragorn


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Can anyone shed any light on the findings? It’s way too heavy for me. What does this all mean and does it bring us any closer to a cure?

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I think a problem over here now is that we miss central leading figures like Awor and Mew. Smart people with a lot of knowledge and a helicopter view about all what’s going on. People who can put all puzzle parts together and give a further direction for Investigation. People who understand this kind of studies and who can link this to other findings.

Too much armchair dr’s (with good intentions) and too much fragmatised info.

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