Neurological symptoms

Hey all,

Just thought I’d share some info. As some of you know, I have neurological and visual symptoms. I recently went to the eye doctor and was told that I have high eye pressure (nothing crazy, but needs tracking). My eye doctor suggested some supplements, which I’ve been taking in addition to the other supplements in my stack. One thing she mentioned is inversion. She said yoga inversions really help with blood flow to the brain and eyes. I’ve always done yoga (including inversion), but only 1/2 times a week. So in order to get upside down more frequently I bought an inversion table. Ever since I started using it, I feel slightly better. It’s not night/day, but I definitely notice that after an inversion my derealization and head pressure feel better. Anyways, nothing scientific here, but wanted to share with the group.


dude, I have severe eye pressure. It feels like my eyes are going to explode or pop out. It’s that bad. It’s also the worst when I’m sleeping at night, to the point where it’s painful and I can’t sleep. The eye pressure is there 24/7, along with the slow-motion visual processing. and dry eyes. How can I fix this?

Not sure but I had the pressure so bad I couldn’t sleep. This has improved but I still a slightly pressurized feeling. More of a pain in the ass than anything else. Much much better than before when I felt like I was 20k underwater. Laying down was the worst

how long did it take you for the eye pressure to improve?

and so you didn’t specifically do things to improve it?

this eye problem is the worst for me. Eye pressure, dry eyes, bloodshot eyes, slow motion, and sensitivity to light. i can’t live like this.

and yea it feels like im 20k underwater. feels like my eyes will explode. and its definitely worse lying down.

Yeah eye and brain issues are the worst. Hang in there it gets better. Pressure got better after about 8 months, but I can’t be sure. I just sorta realized one day it wasn’t as strong as it once was. I pretty much followed the advice from folks who recovered, which is to exercise and eat well - not for six months but indefinitely. I’ve been living healthy for 1.5 years (since start of pfs) with some cheat days here and there. Also, I would try and avoid the negative posts on this forum, which I know may come off as selfish, but positivity and a calm mind is important as we don’t respond well to stress. You should focus on positivity, recovery, and healing. Also find something you can still enjoy (I play video games for example, and no I couldn’t look at the screen when I first crashed).

So I’m summary - time, stress reduction, and super healthy living is the way to go. It’s a no-brainer.

Also, to be clear and honest, I am by no means recovered. I suffer daily, but some of the objective issues I faced have gotten better. My vision is still blurred and also shakes (literally things wave and shake in my vision) I also have trouble with light especially in stores for whatever reason. I still get this visually confused feeling in my head all the time when I try and focus my eyes.

BUT - pressure is way better and no more slow motion vision. I can function normally in society, which I a grateful for. Some folks on this forum are much worse off in that regard.


I never wrote about this anywhere, but this sounds the most how i feel myself.

Exactly 1 year ago i got horrible sides. It started with my eyes. It started with the slow motion visual problems. Then the pressure in my eyes and also tinnitus . I did not know it was the propecia. So i kept using it until i get a very nervouss feeling the whole day. Panic attacks. Depression. It was until then i thought what the f… is happening. Never thought propecia could give this sides. 4/5 months ago i quit cols turkey. I felt slowly better the next weeks, depression, panic attacks, nervouss feeling went away. I now only still have the eye pressure and the slow motion visual problems… especially when i’m driving , gaming, watching tv, computer, phone etc… i hope so much this Will Go away. I don’t know what happened, but something in my brain went totally wrong due propecia

@Walterp , how bad is it? And do you feel the pressure constantly 24/7? And do you also have blood-shot dry eyes and sensitivity to light?

Mcbould said above that it took him 8 months for the pressure and slow motion to get better, so I’m hoping that mine will also get better in the same timeframe or sooner. I also have full-blown PFS including shrunk dick but honestly I’d rather have my eye problems fixed first.

Same man same. Life has never been the same

were you working the entire time you had PFS? if not, when were you able to start working?

It’s getting better slowly. But still have slow motion vision, like te feeling that my brain can’t process the things that i see. Especially tv watching, gaming, or driving in the car. The same for the eye pressure and light sensivity

It happend when i travelled the world. Went home and stayed home for 3 months, couldn’t do anything. Was so nervouss. Anxious. Depressed. Eye problems. 2 weeks after i quit propecia i went back to work again. I have to say: 3 days after i quit i felt directly like 60% better. No nervouss feeling (this one was the worst) no more anxiety, no panic attacks. Depression was gone. Off course i had bad days, but not as close as i was on propecia. The only 3 things that stayed are the slow motion vision, eye pressure and tinnitus . They are getting better some days. But last week i felt kind of crash again. Then i’m not able to focus on reading at the pc. I need tot put the sensivity of my phone very low.

I do also have migraine with aura, my whole life. This is alsof neurological. When i get a migraine with aura, after that nu symptoms of the eyes are much worse.

I tried some supplements, the one what works for me is l-theanine. Hope i can help someone.