Kevin Mann the big boy. Replies to all my comments. Lets see what he's got to say

Got asked how I was doing so I decided I’d let kevin have a little fucking backlash from a real G, he’s a pathetic scumbag. I’ve grown up on the road. I’d love see him even try argue with me. Mad at this pathetic fool risking lives. Probably even browsing this forum, well get the fuck off it you loser I tried to be nice and warn you and you said “finasteride is not for the mentally ill” you’re mentally ill you sick psychopath. FUCK KEVIN MANN. Pure shill

Heres what I wrote:

awful mate. (in reply to a guy asking me how i’m doing) Fucking awful. i wish i was lying i feel like kevin is a fucking dickhead mate, he needs do more research. Fuck him ruining lives like this. PFS is very real and he dismisses it just cus he takes the med. He’s almost as bad as merck. I’m living my life and i’m still not an insecure fuck like him anymore, fuck hair, its not worth it. So end of the day if he sleeps tight the evil dick fair enough but i’ll sleep tight knowing hair isn’t fucking shit and he’s a pathetic loser for shit like letting his gf say “i wish i had a bf with hair” mate fuck off go watch some Baldcafe and realise this guy just wants to hope deep down PFS wont smack him in the future. I hope it doesn’t, but I also hope he wises up the little dickhead. He’s not a hard man, big talker thats all he is. Propeciahelp didnt want fucking lawsuit money, so he lied to his userbase’s faces. In my opinion Kevin is scum and insecure men look up to him and he’s not doing them any service since he’s insecure and scummy himself. If he takes down the finasteride vids i’d change my mind. Fuck him, so glad I grew out realising theres more important shit than hair because honestly its pathetic. To risk a medicine that clearly shouldn’t have been FDA approved with hundreds of studies proving PFS now and he still dismisses it. What an absolute fucking shill man. Thinks I’m mentally ill? Mate he needs a fucking good right hook knock him back into reality. Watch his minox mixing video, he cant even keep eye contact. Fuckin loser in reality

And I know you’ll read this kevin so big balls reply instead of blocking. We’ll see if you got the fuckin nuts talk shit to me now i’ve realised you’re scum. Good thing your not about in the UK mate cus honestly i’d swing for ya if a saw ya. Pathetic shill pushing poison. And I used to love the bloke. I was just insecure seeking a cure for hairloss and completely misrepresneted PFS just like Merck misrepresnted their initial studies. Just like you said “sides will stop” accept its acknowledged in both france uk and tons of other countries persistent sides exist. I can link you tons ofstudies that show theevil of antiandrogens. Fuck you kevin and your propaganda. Now if you’re so big and bad you can reply to a youtube comment can’t ya? or is ya lack of DHT got you all pussy mode

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