Is it Post Finasteride?

I took Finasteride for about 7 years (started with 20) and quit 3.5 years ago. I quit because i had issues with my erection and libido the last year I took it. After I quit Finasteride I had a good libido for approximately 2-3 month. And after that I had issues with my libido. From there it switched from good to bad. I have to mention that I took pills (Viagra) everytime I had sex and it worked in 95% for like the first 6 years I took Finestaride. I took pills (Viagra) because I was too nervous. I also took Viagra to have sex with my former girlfriend which I had more than 6 years. But the issues came when I still had her so it’s not because of her. The first year after quitting was really bad.

The second year after quitting Finasteride: I had nights with good sex (were it lasted hours but just with alcohol and Tadalafil) and some bad nights were I had problems with my erection.

I masturbate like 7 times in one day on weekends (always when I drunk a lot of alcohol on fridays) on saturdays and sundays. But always with Tadalafil 10 mg that I am taking on Fridaynight. I think my body works better with erections and libido when I am hungover (does that make even sence?).

I have some nights were I rarely have to touch my penis to get an erection and can keep it long hard with barely touching it. But all of this with Tadalafil! There are also nights were I do not need pills but very seldom.

The third year after quitting Finasteride: I had an affair that lasted like 6 months. The erections were good until I had to get in action. I could keep my erection for like 15 minutes (but just petting) and the time I had to stick it in my erection fell apart. I went to three prostitutes and had two times a good erection and the last one I couldnt keep it up. All with alcohol and Tadalafil.

I never had sex without Viagra or Sildenafil my whole life. The first 6 years Viagra had a very good effect and now its very hard for me to get a erection. When I take Tadalafil I have sometimes spontaneous erections. Without pills I can not even masturbate properly. I have almost every night nocturnal erection (without pills luckily).

Since the last week I began to read a lot of Storys about PFS after that my sleep is very bad and my erections also.

Some side notes: 5 years ago I went to the psychologist (for 1.5 years) due to anxiety (speaking in front of a amount of people) I don’t even know if its from Finasteride. I have no diabetes, normal pulse (65). After 1 Month of quitting Finasteride I had ‘free testosterone’ of 55 pmol/L and 2.5 years later it went up to 118 pmol/L.

What do you think?

Do you have other symptoms?

Not really

anyone an idea?

My erections are much stronger when I am in bed or sitting. When I get up my erection disappears within seconds(?)

It’s quite common.

If you only have this symptom, is possible that maybe the fear of sides led you to develop this issue.

But, I think is much more likely that you’re actually dealing with some kind of Finasteride-induced unbalance rather than a psychologic manifestation.

You could consider paying a urologist a visit.

Sorry, I know is not helping.

Last year when I had this affair my sex drive was really good for a couple of months… so mostly when I am with new girls I am often insecure.

I remember when I didn’t watch porn for two month I made good progress with my libido, had spontaneous erection (more often) with Cialis. But since last week I am here in this forum and my sides went horrible with depression now.

But how is it possible that when I am in bed I can keep my erection for more than 10 minutes and as soon as I stand up it disappears after seconds? Could this be some leak in my veins?

People get this problem without any PFS correlation. It may just be your natural body trigger or a whole slew of psychological problems. Of course, having it in your mind that it’s an issue can make it a reality. I think it’s best that you give it time and see where it is in a few weeks; in the meantime, try to forget about it.

Besides, most likely you’ll perform laying in bed and not standing up.

Now it got even worse. I can not sleep longer than 30 minutes, I wake up every time and check my erections. I had nocturnal erections i guess for 95% of the nights and now since 3 nights gone. I hadn’t this before. I know this is all in my head but I can’t stop think about it. Last month I went to two prostitutes and the erections were good.

You’ve mentioned a lot of different things in your posts here. The fact that you’re still getting erections at all is a good sign, as far as PFS is concerned. Many of us here went months/years without being able to get an erection, let alone several in one day.

To be honest, I think you’re obsessing over it in a way that isn’t very healthy. Waking up every 30 minutes to check your erection sounds like an obsessive compulsive kind of tendency.

I’m not discounting that finasteride may have had an effect on you, but based on what you’ve told us, I don’t think it’s the only factor for the trouble you’ve been having.

What helped me was time. And what helped me pass the time was not constantly thinking about sex, erections, etc.

Read a book. Enjoy a game. Explore nature. Try not to obsess over it every single day. Give it a month and then reassess.

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I think it’s near impossible for anybody to say whether it’s from taking Finasteride or not. ED and libido issues can be caused by all sorts of lifestyle and psychological factors. Finasteride can also do it on its own. I would definitely never take the Finasteride again and start doing some exercise (walking, weightlifting, body weight stuff if you can tolerate it), walking in the sun, and cutting down on sugar and find ways of lowering stress. May not fix everything, but can’t hurt. Like somebody said above, ruminating on ANYTHING never leads to a good outcome, PFS or not. If I get caught in the cycle of ruminating on my symptoms or OCD thoughts that i’ve struggled with for a long time, my entire day will turn sideways real quick.