In it for the long haul?


At the end of the day you are just a typical schoolyard bully, with the same sophistication and mannerisms.

You continue to harass and insult, making a mockery of people who are suffering from this chronic illness, by telling them they just have to bench press more.

Continue with your childish insults, i dont really care.


To mask your obnoxious fanaticism and even fatalism towards other members on this board with a supposed higher sophistication and mannerism is to truly make a mockery of the people who are suffering from this illness. You mock those who are trying to at least help their own condition by doing things like the aforementioned and oft ridiculed bench press, an exercise that everyone who has recovered on their own has most certainly used to aid in their own recovery. You mock the spirit of perseverance to overcome challenges and you mock the will to try to take control of one’s life in some capacity in order to overcome adversity. You are the REAL MOCKERY. I hope my sophistication was high enough to meet your standard of not being just merely childish insults hurled your way. Now scurry off…little rat.


You are just putting words in my mouth. And your new found language skills wont excuse the incredibly childish insults you hurl at other members (pervert etc).

Overcoming adversity does not have to be coupled with the unfounded believe, that between recovery and illness only stands the will to do regular bench press.

Now fuck off and leave other members alone, who do not share your opinion. You can restate your opinion over and over, without insulting those who disagree.


New found language skills! It would take a very long time indeed before you are able to even begin to rival my skills in the art of interlocution. I’m not putting words in your mouth. Your filthy spew is spread all over this forum for everyone to see. There is no point in trying to backtrack now you spineless little shit. Your fanaticism and adamant denigration of those willing to try alternative ideas or methods is beginning to turn people off, so much so that some here on this very forum have even wondered if you would kill yourself if these studies don’t pan out the way you seem to hope they will. Have you even considered what you will do if these current studies only barely scratch the surface of this problem? What will you do then? Just sit and wait longer and longer and longer…? Or maybe pick up a few weights once in a while? You are very good at twisting words around like some kind of demagogue to make your atrocious position and denigration of others seem tenable but the other participants in this forum, I’m sure, are smarter than that. Leave other members alone? Other members are the ones that won’t leave me alone with their private messages and pleas for help, which I don’t mind at all and happily refer them to previous posts and inspirational stories of recovery. I’m sure that other members are now beginning to see if they haven’t already that you are just a scared little punk who doesn’t know when to shutup and take his upbraiding like a man. Now scurry off…


You are just a boring schoolyard bully, claiming to have found a cure. My position has been clear from the beginning:

  1. I fully support the studies 2) There are no silver bullets, only actions that improve somewhat, a few of our symptoms. 3) There is no need to despair, as humans are able to adapt to new circumstances. 4) Recoveries are possible.

Your enormous hatred and agression towards members who do not believe in your bench press is the cure mantra, just demonstrates how desperate you really are. After all, your junk has been dysfunctional for years, and you cant accept it. I wish you luck, despite your bullying nazi attitude.

It is really sad to see, that at your age, you would allow yourself to behave in such a primitive manner. Hopefully your life will be filled with more joy in the future, your posts on this forum demonstrate a twisted beaten down and fatiqued personality. You must be at a really dark place, and I hope in future there will be light for you.

The confidence in your protocol cant be that great, otherwise you would feel pitty for others who are not seeing the light. Sounds like you desperatley want to convince yourself that you will turn back to your old state of health, instead of accepting and moving on.

To a certain degree, I understand your vicious attacks. You feel threatened by people who want to undermine your believe in PFS recovery, as PFS recovery and joy are directly linked in your world. Thus you feel like I am issuing death sentences, when I question your control over whether you recover or not. I guess that I am to you like the grim reaper, you need to fight him with all you got. Or in your own words: I am a dirty rat, trying to take away all your hope.

There is no need for anyone to kill themself, there are worse things to deal with than PFS.

I dont demand you to change your interpretation of what is and is not a solution to PFS, however just dial down your aggression towards members who disagree. There are countless members who have experienced little progress in their physical health, however many have conquered PFS mentally.

I am not scared of PFS, as the outcome of my progress of PFS symptoms, doesnt influence my positive outlook on life.


Poor poor PVDL. Wrong, wrong, and wrong again. More demagoguery. You should be a fucking politician with the amount of patently false spew coming from that venomous, forked tongue of yours. So just as you did I will have to enumerate each and every much-needed retort:

  1. Just to be clear, I don’t have hatred for those who don’t believe in the program I am using. I am peeved at people like you who denigrate those who do actually believe a program like this would work and who exalt themselves to the position of a prognosticator who seems to know who and who won’t recover.

  2. You don’t know shit about other people and you have made a lot of bullshit claims about people you know nothing about (to include me of course); this is the height of immaturity and stupidity. How do you know I’m in a dark place? I tell people on this forum that I am 70% recovered and this somehow translates into being in a dark place? I just don’t follow your venomous logic I’m afraid.

  3. The confidence I have in my protocol is very great indeed. I’ve had two and half years of experimentation and meticulous record keeping to find what works and what doesn’t work for me. I’ve recorded how I felt, what I did, and what I ate on an almost daily basis for this period of time and I can assure all members here that I am confident that if followed properly it will yield amazing results for perhaps some of you as well.

  4. Feel threatened? Threatened by what…my own outstanding progress? You are a saucy and silly boy with a child-like imagination, this much is now clear from these ridiculous posts of yours claiming to be the grim-reaper and issuing death sentences. What fucking world are you living in saucy boy? You’re a punk, that’s what I think of you…nothing more…just a punk with an exaggerated sense of self-importance.

  5. I’m glad you’re not afraid of PFS, because you may have to live with it for a very long time to come with this attitude. You should embrace it and accept it as you seem to have implied . As for me, and a very few others who have come before me, I won’t accept it and will continue to push until I am eventually cured of this by any means necessary. That is the difference between me and you. You have accepted your fate and I will not. That puts me in a really good place and leaves you in a very dark place if you ask me.

So go ahead and think up another puerile rant to follow your last and tell another guy on this forum that there is no hope for them and their fate is sealed. I hope other members will not allow this sort of thinking to prevail and put you in your place as I have tried. As for me, I’ll be looking forward to hitting the 80% mark this summer and eventual recovery in the future. That’s right, I said eventual and not possible or probable or maybe or perhaps because again…that is the difference between me and you.


Yap yap yap,

you will fight and know that you can cure it.

You and an very elite circle that came before you. What a hero.

I never said I know who recovers and who doesnt. You did: Those that follow your stupid protocol ! You just said it again. And exactly that is making a mockery of this condition you idiot. Those that dont recover are just lazy and defeatist. Fuck you!

The only guy I raged against was JQD, because he claimed he knew the cure, and recommended dangerous hormones. I encourage lifting weights, I just dont think it will cure you. I wouldnt be so arrogant and assume that those that dont recover are just too lazy, and that they are beneath me. I leave that to you



PVDL would never say something like this, just check page 2 of this thread:

"Lol the long list of medications is hilarious, especialy because you havent improved. Just goes to show you that there are no real remedies and those that recover recover because of time passed and luck.

Hopefully you will improve over time, although your case seems to be quite severe and hopeless, as nothing has changed after more than 4 years.

As natural recovery seems unlikey for you, I guess your only bet is the foundation and the studies.

Good luck."

If it was as simple as lifting weights for a year then there probably wouldn’t even exist a forum such as this. But I assumed you were smart enough to realize that it is a holistic approach that involves several things, not just one, done together consistently over time has led to real and actual recoveries, not just dumb luck.
And yes I believe it will work for me, it has so far. Why would I rule out eventual recovery? You have got to be smarter than this, I know it. You can’t be this dumb not to realize the virtue of this line of reasoning. Why don’t you just scurry or more aptly slither off and think about it for awhile…


Yes in this case I was a bit mean spirited, because I couldnt stand his incessant whinning in his post. Everybody is struggling with the symptoms, and I just dont buy that PFS caused a complete character change. Sry.

However I didnt say that he wont recover, just that the more time it takes, the less likely there will be a quick resolution.

I have nothing against your holistic approach. I have something against people like JQD, promoting a cocktail of ever changing hormones, saying they know how to cure PFS. I also have something against people claiming that those that dont recover are just too lazy. Maybe there are more variables at work than whether you bench press or not or eat healthy or not.

I wouldnt make any kind of assumption in this case, except that obviously for a lot of people on here, a clean diet, sleep and excercise was NOT a magic bullet. If you cant acknowledge that simple fact, its pointless to discuss further.

I dont know how often I have to repeat it: I support a healthy lifestyle, cleaning up your diet, excercise and lots of sleep. Especially for us.


Well you have clearly misconstrued my meaning if you say that I claimed this to be a silver bullet. Since fucking when? It appears to work for SOME, need I repeat, SOME people not all. I believe I have already made myself clear to you and some other members in other threads in what now seems like NUMEROUS TIMES. I can find those quotes too and post them here if you can’t seem to refresh. Just don’t prognosticate and show respect for those who have worked hard to make progress and are way ahead of you on this and maybe you’ll learn something along the way.


This town needs an enema… and some moderation of personal attacks.

Will there be no forum moderation at all?


@visionquest99 Agreed.

@pvdl, @bizzbee – Where do you find the energy to argue over… whatever you are arguing about?

@towm8r – Thank you for the rx list!


Lol who in their right mind would want to moderate this shit hole.


If you think it’s a shit hole then take your holier-than-thou, lazy, pseudo-intellectual bitch-ass somewhere else. Maybe then it wouldn’t stink so bad without you in it spreading your filthy venomous spew. Slither away…


Part of the reason why its a shit hole, is because of people like you, spreading hatred. You should be banned or go over to solvepfs. I think you enjoy bullying, it makes you feel manly. If you are doing so great, why are you harrassing me on this forum??? Get a life.

Lets just agree to disagree, take your own advice and scurry off, at least stop replying to what i post. If you hate it that some members arent part of the bench press is the cure holistic bs approach, go over to solvepfs, where the entire community thinks like you.

At the very least stop with the insults and harassment.


You don’t run this forum you saucy serpent boy. There are several threads dedicated to just the sort of things I advocate right here in this forum, such as… gee I don’t know… natural supplements, weightlifting, exercise, etc… Homebrewing is a part of the fabric here whether you like it or not and if you can’t stand it then maybe you ought to start the anti-solvepfs forum where you can talk about well…just the studies and how great they are and how they will save your ass in the coming several decades while your body slowly but surely deteriorates to even worser condition. Now slither awaaaayyyyy…serpent boy…


Again, I have nothing againt excercise, healthy diets and good long sleep. Absolutely nothing against it, I advocate this in fact. LEt THAT SINK IN!!! The only thing I warn against, is stuffing your body with ever changing hormones.

I ask you politely to back off, I dont see the huge argument you have here. I have no problem in you spreading your protocols here, what exactly is your problem?

Am I saying you cant recover? NO
Am I saying you shouldnt live a healthy lifestyle? NO
Am I saying you shouldnt work out? NO

So were exactly do you have the right, to harass me like this.

Why cant I promote studies you asshole? Why cant I warn against hormone cocktails subscribed by a maniac who is now banned?

That I even try to engage like a civil person with you is ridiculous. You have proven beyond doubt that you dont want normal interactions, and enjoy bullying.

It is not proven that bench press, good sleep and a healthy diet over a prolonged time will cure you. Many recovered guys did nothing. Many guys who are not recovered did what you suggest. Are the non recovered guys just to lazy or stupid to recover??? I think it is my right to state this without you jumping all over me like a maniac. If I would be promoting to swallow huge amounts of ever changing hormones, you would have a point.

You say for some it works. I say it makes sympomts more manageable, however it is not a silver bullet, and it is unknown to what extend it is required to recover.

Any sane person would have to agree.

What do you say to the countless guys (like for example Merry Christmas), who have seen no significant progress, despite following your protocol to the T? If only a few people have sucess, might it be that they would have recovered in any case. Might there be variables involved that you havent considered or dont understand yet?

I have been very understanding to your point of view: I say guys make sure you live a healthy lifestyle, even though I cant say if it is required or guarantees recovery for anyone.

What have you done to promote the studies, to understand this viewpoint? All you have done in this regard, is to dissuade people from participating, by saying that they will take decades to prove useful. You laugh at people who place their hopes in the studies.

To summarize you are behaving like a class A douchebag.


I am lucidly aware that this is a multivariable problem, thanks for pointing that out though, as if I needed someone like you to tell me. If you had used some tact in your remarks to other members in this forum advocating unorthodox or unconventional or even quirky methods then you would not have convoked the wrath of those for whom such methods have worked to varying degrees. You chose instead to belittle those people with your acerbic remarks and fanatically push an agenda that we all obviously support thoroughly, namely the scientific studies, and lash out at anyone who was not solidly in line with your fanatical thinking. Now it seems your position has evolved to not being so antithetical to such natural regimes even though in past posts you clearly belittled and denigrated them as ineffective. Again, I can pull up all these past posts and even start a new thread detailing your viciousness and fanaticism. But I think I will save you the embarrassment as it seems you have relented some and are coming to understand that your approach will not ingratiate you with the other members you’re seemingly trying to convince. There are better ways to do this, trust me. Now please scurry off for the last time…you are really starting to make me think you are just a whiny teenage girl who wasn’t allowed to go to prom instead of a 25 year old man whose adversity has made him more wise.


I have denigrated JQD methods as ineffective. Absolutely. I dont think thats embarassing, I think JQD behaviour was embarassing.

My ridicule was almost exclusively directed at the messiah JQD status sought, and his ever changing dangerous hormone protocols, that he marketed as sure cures.

Since then, you have been all over me, as you were a admirer of JQD antics.

Anyway just to clarify for you once again:

  1. I agree with a healthy lifestyle, though I think claims of this lifestyle for sure curing some, are off base. It cant be determined even by those who recovered.
  2. I hate the ever changing hormones JQD wanted everybody to swallow in enormous doses.

It would be nice of you to acknknowledge this difference, even if I may not always have formulated this clearly.

And regarding my viciousness??? Lol look at your you cunt.