I'm cured from that poison


Noprop I know that you know better than this. The guy did his job and got better just like you should be doing. I know you can get better too Noprop, stop denying it to yourself. You know where to contact me if you need any help. Please man, calm down and give this a conscious effort. You know the steps.


Hi, i took propecia for ±20 years and 10 month ago after stopping to take it because i thouhgt that now with 40y the hair can go i got hit by terrible symptoms. The last 2 months things got better for me, i am fare from cured but try to stay positive and hope and believe that my body will get out of this. I also have moments of desperation but reading positive posts always helps me to think positive again and fight this terrible nightmare.
I know i was not hit as hard as others here, but my mental problems are very hard. I have my whole story on solvepfs, with regular updates, stoped posting here because it took weeks for posts to appear.
Again, i am doing a lot better and hope i can still improve. What i noticed is when i eat the wrong things i have bad time afterwards. So for me i am sure fin did something with my gut, that’s why i have an appointment for the 18 june with a doctore spezialized in nutrition and he is known for searching very deep and doing a lot of tests. I have hope that with his help i can make the next step out.
But i also have to say that i understand people who are not getting better after years that they are hopeless and desperated. This condition is so hard to handle and to live with, i could never believe it if i dindn’ t feel it by myself.It’s difficult to believe in recovery when you are not getting better, i am realy so sorry of peopele that didn’t get better because nobody should go throuth this.
So please respect each other. For me i believie in recovery, but i also believe that people are not getting better or even worse.
Good luck to everybody here.


Totally fraudulent post assocatiated with the biggest scammer of all: Cdnuts. OP is promoting cdnuts website (totalmaleoptimization). Careful. This is a fraudulent post. These guys want so scam you out of your money. So pathetic. He has one post in 2017 and then comes back with a supplement pushing I am cured story linking directly to Mr. fraud in chief.


Maybe the Spirulina cured him. :palm_tree:


PVDL is the equivalent of Quackwatch.com lol.

If quackwatch.com were accurate then every single holistic recovery story on the internet is completely made up.

Keep doing you PVDL. Keep making people think their lives are ruined. Really doing a great thing for the world you are.

LOL I can’t believe you still do this everyday. I’ve been recovering the last 4 months without contact to you, but you keep doing it.

A guy talks about his feats in beating this to a degree at least and you knock him. Its just absurd haha.


one other tip… stay off this forum. Get on with your life and try not to obsess with your sexual issues. One day you will wake up with a boner and that will be the start of your recovery. This new weekly email function om phelp
does not help in this respect

For those of you (pvdl and noprop) who believe that you cannot be cured i would tell
you to trust the statistics. If you trawl through every post on this website since inception I think 80pc post less than 10 times and dont come back. Of the remaining 20pc serial
posters at least 50pc show some form of recovery. Therefore its more likely than not you will get better. I agree some people do not recover but i believe these are in the minority

Even mew and awor themselves seem to have experienced some form of recovery


Hi, Ali. I have mainly fatigue and joint pain. I searched for everything in my body and find nothing. Now i’m researching for immunologic diseases. I saw that u did some exams on this. Can you comment? (I’m 6 years off).


Man, I got my joint pain and the fatigue almost gone by following Dr. Batmangheligj way.
Water and salt! Not table salt, I am using pink himalayan salt and now for a bit more than a week I am drinking only water with salt, 1l water to 1/4tsp salt and I squeez half lemon in it too. I am not drinking normal water anymore, plus I am not drinking after food or while I am eating! 1l morning on empty stomach, then I wait 30 min atleast and I eat, then I drink water again not less than 2 hours and 30 min after the meal. Simple but efficient. For 1 week my fatigue almost gone, joint pain almost gone, the clicking joints still persist, but we will see… 1 week is still small amount of time though. Good luck!


I am suffering from the same shit as you do mate! Really bad joint/muscle pain, mostly on my legs, feels like I got flu 24/7 plus the skin on my legs, sometimes on my whole body is supersensitive. When I get this feeling it is really difficult to stay with clothes on and moving around… flipping disgusting! Anyway I am glad that I found that info, abouth Dr. Batmangheligj water cure! Hope it will sustain and progress the good results in a long term! Cheers!


If anyone is reading this fraudsters (ali123) thread thinking that this is legitimate, you have been fooled. a infomericial sounding website pushing expensive products plus obviously cdnuts fraudster website are linked in a recovery post. How stupid does Ali think we are? He makes one post and comes back after 6 month claiming recovery but has loads of stuff from scammy sounding websites to sell us. This is absurd. I hope the moderators will have a strict policy when it comes to linking to infomercial websites looking to sell you stuff.


Man, he is not posting any link, so you can buy the product any place you want. What kind of economical benefit is he getting? You prove nothing, and he even posted his blood test.
I do think this is a true story.


Tomas he is posting multiple links. Read his initial post again. Those are affiliate marketing scam sites and one is from cdnuts a proven fraudster.


I believe, recovery is possible and I read dozens oft stories.
But I recognize immed.when someone like Ali123 is telling f…bs. He had only some testo problems, if this is his bloodwork.
If I compare to severly suffering people, he is not even taking those guys seriously. And I think we do not need a liar and mocking guy. Doing two post or something like that. Wtf did you pay man? This time I agree with pvdl even if I share few ideas with him.
The next coming cured story will come from me: I will show you my initial testo etc.level and then the sky high. But on the sky high I had pfs. So, hormons do not say anything.
A.is waste of time.


Guys, let’s remember to treat each other with respect, and if you have an issue with a post you can flag it. PFS has provenly heterogeneous effects, as if one didn’t need to look at the massive disparity in symptoms, severity and progression between people to know that. I don’t see any sensible reason to be telling him that he is not feeling better, particularly considering his case in the first place. Some people do improve, and we should be happy for those experiencing improvements and supportive of those in a less fortunate position.

Regarding the points about dubious links, Ali has said quite clearly what he believes led to his improvement so I will remove them.

Ali, congratulations on feeling better.


Don’t worry dude!
you’ll be healthy very soon
just be positive
good luck


spirulina is very helpful
but most important part of curing is FASTING and loosing your extra FAT
that’s reason why somebody have been cured by WATER FASTING
because during fasting your body burn your fat as fule
dont forget for curing your body fat must be maximum 10-12 percent


these are pfs signs
for me fortunately they have been gone immediately after that I stopped propecia
if you’ll be cured that problems also treat


Thank u dude
I wish that you’ll be better very soon
good luck


“one other tip… stay off this forum. Get on with your life and try not to obsess with your sexual issues. One day you will wake up with a boner and that will be the start of your recovery. This new weekly email function om phelp does not help in this respect”

The only people who need to avoid this forum and check in about once a month to see if there is finally a cure are those suffering from purely erectile dysfunction type of PFS

The only thing that helped me reduce some of my side-effects was this forum and the hope I got from it that there are some solutions like supplements that cure inflammation or brainfog. Most of all the idea that there are men all over the world going through the same struggle and if one of us finds something that works he’ll share it with the others.

No motivation is your motivation

what links did he post?