Hope you all get recover

I’ve been off Finasteride for a week

I’m really worried.
I’m 23, took 3.50mg within a week, last day I tooked a pill was on 18/03, i started feeling sides and i stopped, on 19/03 my erections were weak, and on 20/03 y started feeling down, with low energy, and changes in my temperature, on 21 the same, so i went to ER, Dr. told me to took a lot of water and within a week to 10 days symptoms will settled. My sensitivity in my testicles and penis were very low, like flacid.
The next days some symptoms were improving, i sleept for 2 hours then go to pee, then 6 hours and go to pee, and like that, i didn’t tried to get erections. The sensitivity is still low, althoug i have recovered sense in my testicles, now they react to temperature, and the scrotum feels more normal, theres no more ache there.

What i feell until now is changes in my body temperature, and at night usually i wake up with an erection, and i feel finally blood going there, then suddenly it goes, and the rest of the day things are with low sesibility again, like anesthesia.
I feel with low energy this days, also today i went to buy groseries and i felt very tired. Think I ve lost weight. I feel dizziness, today more than yesterday.

I’m really praying to God for forgiveness, I should have respect my body, my mother is really worried for me, I’ve commited so many mistakes this months. I really want to make a family with my college GF, i really want to love more my relatives, work hard for a better life, this lockdown days are hard. My parents are old, they need me, i want to pay them for everything they did for me.

So, I’m scared, i’ve read most of the posts here, of people having similar symptons, live fevers, lost of sensibility, no erections, no libido, anxiety, feelling with no energy, tired, losing weight. And i really wish you all get recover at some point. You will be in my prayers.

Right now i can’t get an appointment with an urologist, until two weeks from now. So, i don’t know what to do to improve my recovery. I really want to hug mom and tell her, everything is ok, i love you. Really want to see my ex GF and tell her, this year has been hard, i’ve been a fool, but im here and i love you. Really want to go to church and tell God, forgive me for everything I did wrong, thank you for everything you gave me.

I’wont try to get more erections like five days ago, it felt like it preceed more symptoms.

Sorry, i just needed to write this, i know i sound like a child, maybe because i’m still one, and right know i’m scared, but I know God won’t let me alone, and neither you guys. Please take care.

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Hi NeedHope1,

welcome to our forum! I know you are frightened right now, but it is important to be calm. You are just one week in. There is a pretty good chance that you will fully or largely recover. Give it some time, don’t read too much here and don’t take any drugs or supplements! If you don’t get better in the next couple of weeks, we will be here for you!

Good luck!


It’s been 12 days off,
In the last couple of days i made a huge progress, most of the symptons i described are gone, my sensitivity is back, altouhg i would like to get erections without estimulation. I hope this improves, also my sexual drive is not as high as it was when i started taking fin, i 'll wait more days.
A thing that is weird is that i feel my hearth beating very fast, maybe its a signal of stress or anxiety. I really want to recover 100%

Thank you for your support, i’ll try to fix things in my family, my carreer.

I would like to write again with more good news, i hope everything improves in the following days.

Hope you recover my friend

Thank you so much Zonz

I would like to describe more my situation.
A couple of days ago i tried to masturbate, until that day my libido was increasing, could reach half erection without estimulation. After that i started feeling more my hearth beating fast when i’m in repose and my libido decreased. Althoug i’m very happy that i can reach a good erection, with some time.

I’m still scared, yes, most because of my hearth, but i don’t know if this is common, i mean people who get recover cyclically, hope this is a good sign that i will recover 100%.
I’m managing anxiety with help of relatives and great friends.

Today i’m really scared,
Yesterday i got fatigue a lot, today is better, but my legs feel tired,sometimes i get a headhache, very breavely.
My penis altough it’ looks with more bloodstream, i’m not trying to get as excited as days ago.

I don’t know but it seems since that day i could felt my libido and i tried to see my erection progress, things havent improve,
My heartbeat is back to normal, i’m really thankfull about that.

I can’t stop thninking I did something wrong this days, i’m scared again.
What brings me hope is that at night i usually wake up with an erection, Yesterday i got one even at morning, without touching me.

I did a commitment, to be better, i’m trying since now, i dont want to be the person i used to, i just want my health back, the energy to do things right. My mother is really worried, i don’t want to make my parents suffer, i love them, with all my hearth.

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i will keep hope,
This days i’ve been with fatigue, agitated, nocturnal erections, some headache, sleeping 6 to 7 hours intermitent, i don’t know where this is going, i feel my body fighting a way to get better, i will recover my strenght, i need to work for a better future, i will have a family, i need to wake up with her, with kids. Sometimes i play my guitar and try to sing to her, today i’ll sing to God, i’ll give him my life.
You guys, are very brave people, don’t give up love is in everything, you just have to open your eyes.

A member PM me, I apreciate his words so much.

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I’m very thankfull that i feel better now,
My libido is like 80% there i just have to focus, bloodstream is close to normal, hope it improves in days.
I’m worry about the fact that i can see something like a vein in my penis that wasn’t there, its like purple, scares me because i don’t know if it can be a damage to the tissue, i didnt tried to get a full erection, like rock, because i want to wait, I hope i can get there again, it would be great
In two weeks i wll see an urologist to ask and ran tests.
I’ll do my best to recover my body 100% and take this opportunity to be better.
You are very brave people, hope you all get recover soon.

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stay strong brother, im in the same situation as you.

looks like you are lucky. you have improvements coming back and I am 100% sure you will recover. Don’t worry. Take a deep breath and tell your self that you will be okay and back to normal.

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Thank you so much,
i’m very scared, i’ve read some things,there are many conditions that can affect sexual health, like vein leaks or trombos.
I don’t know if i did something wrong during this days, bloodstream was low there a couple of days and i usually work and can’t walk to much, stay sit a lot.
I hope with all my hearth to recover completely my body, i 've learned a lot of things this days, and i’ve cried a lot.
I want to have my body back, i’m too frightened, but i’ll have faith.

Good luck guys, looks like we’re all in similar situations. It seems that masturbating and ejaculating has made things so much worse. Just some advice for you guys, stay strong.

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I’m again frightened,
I could felt my libido and got morning erections for some days,
Now my libido is low again, not as bad as some weeks ago, but low, also bloodstream in my penis is sometimes low, usually when im sleeping.
Again my hope is that i’m having nocturnal erections, altough during the day its difficult to get erections, i remember my nocturnal erections preceed my recoverys, i really hope that.

I really want to recover 100% my body, i apreciate my backne, my smells, my alopecia, my libido, now i look dad and i admire his longevity, i’m proud of been his son. I wasn’t grateful about all what i had. I’m sorry about that. I wasn’t taking care of my family.

I want to do things right, have a family with the right girl, have kids, that feeling, i want to achieve that.
I’ve commited so many mistakes, i dont want to be that person anymore, that superficial guy, that lazy guy, that guy with bad toughts, that selfish person.

And its really a miracle getting up every day, have my parents with me, i love them. Due to covid we are having some issues with money, but yerterday i got an interview for a better job, that is a bleassing, im really thankfull.

The first person who PM me on this forum told me i need cbt, that everything will be ok this weeks if i learn no manage my anxiety, and i have and appointment today. So i’ll try not to cry today. Until 9pm.

So, yes i’m scared of people talking so many things in this forum, from genetics, to permanent hormonal changes, receptors, people getting worst over time, people who dont get better. There are so many things, so complex things i don’t even understand and scares me so much, like a kid, because i’ve always been a kid.
Maybe i’m not being empatic complaining for sexual issues, when there are so many people with more serious problems here. They are brave, i hope they all get recover, i really want that.

So i’ve been a fool, friends had help me so much. I’ve met someone and now, maybe because of my strange behavior she thinks i’m a freak, maybe she is out of my league.

I think of God as our great father, as a kid i havent made his work easy, i’ve been very disrespectful, but i know, that despite me being very problematic and having bad attitudes, nothing will make him more happy that watching me being happy, and making more people happy, truly happy. So i’ll ask him to get better, he will hear me.


Before you think it’s PFS make sure you don’t have some sort of penis injury that may be causing the issues. This is what happened to me, i injured my penis and thought it was finasteride.

Did you take the 3.50mg in one take? At any point did you take more that 1mg in a day? I would recommend you get your testosterone (free and total) and dht levels tested. If they’re within range i doubt you have finasteride related issues.

Look around and get a urologist that will see you asap. Specially if you have potential penis injury.

Good luck.

You’re new here so it’s understandable if you think this might be the case but it is incorrect advice. Many PFS patients have their hormone readings well within range but still have the disease. PFS is not low testosterone/hypogonadosm.

I’m scared,
Sometimes I see an improvement in nocturnal erections and that make think i’m still fighting, also with stimulation I can get blood flowing more today, and have partial erecctions again, it’s been a hard month for me, i cry a lot, thinking that i put in danger my dream of having a family, an urologist told me to give it time i 'll improve, i’m trying to see the improvements, i’m so scared. I disrespected my body so many times, and in my country there are no tests due to covid.

I know i wasn’t using my gifts properly, i want the opportunity to used it in the right way, i really hope that, with all my hearth, build a better life.
I see my pictures of kid, and try to figure out, why i did so many bad things, makes me sad, my parents dont deserve that.

Sorry, just meant to check for any potential injuries and check your levels just to know where you’re at.

Still Scared,
Today dad came to my room very worried, he told me he is old and he want to see me having a family, marrying, having childrens. I cried a lot, i told him, he was right all this time.
Now bloodstream changes, usually better in the morning, i can use my libido to have partial erecctions, at afternoon also but with some estimulation.
My face is oily but my body not that much, my penis seem small in repose, but as usual when partial erected.
Sometimes my left testicles hurts, i don’t know if its because it is hard to make testosterone, i really hope is not that, hope is not damaged.

My daughter told me God sees everything we do, and I was doing bad with my father, not helping him, i’m so regreted of what i did wrong all this time. I, i want to do things right with my parents, and then, have a family.

I tried to be a good guy with people i felt in love, tried to give attention, taking care, giving support, even after I broke up. In my head, I know I was a good guy, i want to live that again. My hearth wants that, so much.