Has anyone had any succes in permanently regaining nocturnal/morning erections?

Before Fin, I woke up with morning wood every single day, to the point where it was at times a bit difficult to ignore.

Since quitting Fin over a year ago, I haven’t had a single morning erection. My best guess is that I’m not getting any nocturnal erections or low quality ones that don’t last long enough for me to notice them in the morning, for whatever reasons. I almost never have spontaneous erections during the day either.

Has any of you had any permanent success in regaining nocturnal/morning erections, or only temporary improvements?

If yes, do you have any idea how it most likely happened?

Actually, more often than not now I do either wake with a slightly weak one or a mildly sexy half-awake thought will bring one about.

Erections generally way thinner than they were ofc pre PFS.

It was round the time I was running a steroid cycle and then PCT that this happened and has been on and off.


I’ve only pissed with a morning wood once in last 4 years. Occasionally I’ll get a nocturnal or fleeting morning wood for a few seconds though.

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Something I have when I wake up a normal erection. But the best is in the night when I sleep… In the course of the journey I don’t have a spontaneous erection… But if I joke whit the fish responde…but for the sex I work a cialis… Because I started at 100 and after Ho down a 70%

Over the past year I have had a lot of them. Not so much in the past few months, but I think that is due to increased Letrozole dosage and lower E2. When my E2 gets higher (or E2:androgen ratio) then I notice more of them. However I do not like the other E2 sides, so I prefer my E2 lower (which means less nocturnals for me).

The first 13 years of PFS I mad maybe 3 total wet dreams. But in the past year I bet I have had 15.

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I got them again the first couple of night after starting Wellbutrin, then they stopped.

I also got them the first few nights during the short period when I was taking 25mg of Proviron daily, then they stopped.

Has anyone done any erection related medical tests?

Duplex doppler?
Bulbocavernous reflex?
Nocturnal penile tumescence?
Penile biothesiometry?

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Not sure if it was a “duplex” but my doppler showed VL

I had a bunch of those tests, and the urologist found nothing mechanically wrong. I will add that since PFS, I didn’t want my penis to atrophy, so I work on ejaculating daily. While I can’t always, I do it to keep everything “working”. It’s pleasureless and depressing, but hopefully one day that will change.

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Same here.

I occasionally wake up hard but I also am taking Cialis 5m every other day. I also often wake up with a completely flaccid dick and my balls look deflated and dead. Even if i do wake up hard, it’s always narrower and a bit uncomfortable.

Yes, I now have nocturnal erections 99% of the time.

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i get the morning woods, never did get em nocturnal before fin either!

Morning wood is basically a nocturnal erection for as far as I understand it, so you’re probably doing fine in that regard :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response.
It sucks to hear that all these tests turn up without any siginificant results. Well, I mean it’s also a good thing of course.
I think I am still a bit in denial of PFS being something very complicated and almost untraceable. I just wish so much for one of these tests to turn up with something tangible and workable, that in the end it’s all just some simple problem that is Fin-induced or Fin-exacerbated because I am so done with this crap.

I will be getting the results of an MRI of my brain at the end of this month. I’ll keep you updated but my expectation right now is that it’s not going to result in any significant findings (they’re looking for a prolactinoma). I am probably going to see if I can get my thyroid checked for any problems if that is the case.

There are very few good days where I have one or two effective spontaneous erections based on an erotic thought or visual trigger, but most of the time this doesn’t happen. And when it does, it’s usually short-lived and hard to maintain. I have had a handful of days ever since quitting Fin where I woke up with some resemblance of morning wood but it’s not even 10% as strong as it once was.

As far as atrophy goes, I have no idea what the risks are. A bunch of months ago I had a short period of a few weeks where I had premature ejaculation problems, which was very unpleasant. Luckily this went away after a while, I still don’t really know why it came or why it went. I have been doing the same masturbation frequency ever since Finasteride, but lately I’m trying to experiment with a few days nofap to see if it has any slight positive effect, maybe related to dopamine or something I dunno. So far no luck though.

I think I know what you’re describing. My experience with the state of my scrotum is also incredibly variable. Other days it appears fine and healthy, still not much luck with erections though. But somtimes it’s as if my testicles are almost disconnected just laying in some big empty sack of skin. It’s just f-cking awful.

Did you do anything or was it just time?

testicles are almost disconnected just laying in some big empty sack of skin. It’s just f-cking awful.

yup. this exactly. it’s a weird thing to say but i can’t even have sex with my girlfriend laying on our sides because my nuts are so atrophied and drooped that they get squeezed and its very uncomfortable.