Got my blood results today

Hi, I took Finasteride 15 years ago and stopped a year later. Ever since I have symptoms of PFS. Yet I can not tell if these are still finasteride related since my gut is pretty messed up and a elemental diet 3 months ago cured 70% of my mental problems for a few days. But all came back.

My biggest issues are mental. And they make me crazy. Brain fog, problems finding words, slow thinking, pretty much no short time memory, unorganized, disconnected from me and others, bad anxiety etc.

Weird thing is, all of these things started and intensed in 2012 after a bad trip on cannabis. Landed in hospital and the doc gave me a pill that stopped the trip within minutes. Yesterday I found out that it probably was benzo. Not sure but I read that people stop their trips with benzo. Maybe that messed up something in my brain? I live every day like I am in a dream. Does not feel real. And as if I am drunk all day. And bruxism started after that trip.

Ever since I lost my personality, sense of self, became socially anxious etc. Confronting these fears never change anything. There is mentally something damaged. I can not describe it but I am So disconnected from everything. From the here and now. I can not plan anything in my life anymore. As I said, these things got better on a diet. So it might be gut related.

In terms of sexuality, my libido was always low after fin. I have had times where it rages. But in general it’s low. I think it is connected to my brain issues because I can not stop thinking and just relax. When I am relaxed, my libido comes back. My prostate feels chronic inflammated since I stopped fin. Docs check my prostate and say there is something wrong but they can not find anything.

Whatever. I took and still take so many supplements. But six days ago I started taking 10mg pregnenolone and 50mg dhea and my libido came back as hell. I was so damn horny. And my errection was rock hard. Yesterday it went down again because I live so much in my head and think all day and night. Still it’s better. I feel a connection to my penis and seeing nice woman makes me sexually turned on.

I was and am sure I have adrenal fatigue because of that bad trip in 2012 wich lead to chronic stress or ptsd. Also maybe these benzos damaged something in my brain. That’s why (adrenal fatigue) I started taking pregnenolone and dhea. and I think finasteride causes adrenal fatigue.

Whatever. Just got the results from my blood check for pfs back and the results were suprising. These were tested 4 weeks after I stopped all supplements. And pregnenolone and dhea I started after taking blood.

My DHT level is sky high. What a suprise. Testosteron as well. Also Gaba is way too high. Only progesterone is on the low side. Estrogen is okish. Thought it will be high. Dhea-s is also a bit low. So what you guys think about these results? I am 38 and did never take any hormones before pregnenolone and dhea.

Worth a try to take progesterone as well? Or what can help with my brain issues? Might gaba receptors be low and is that why gaba is so high? Makes no sense to me? Also if gaba is that high, why am I so anxious?

Reading through your bloods (im not doctor just my advice) your test, oestrogen and dht seem in a really good position.

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I wonder if this is good or is there another “your dht level looks good but…”

I gave me two B12 injections the last 2 days and my brain improved again incredibly. I think I have huge deficiencies due to malabsorption.

your androgen levels are good. but not sky high. its normal to have 10% of your T as DHT. Estradiol midrange. Cortisol low, thats nice too.
Progesterone too low…might explain anxiety. Testing for Serotonin in blood makes no sense as the passage blood / brain is different.
Your Test lacks free T or at least Albumin and SHBG so free T can be calulated - its most important.


I got tested positive for HPU. Maybe that explains some things.