Finasteride for 2,5 years -curable with herbs?


Hello, first of all sorry for my Bad English knowledge… hope you guys understand me.
I’m 25 years old…
2012 I started taking FIN for about 2,5 years and noticed dramatically changes in my health…
-skin problems (eczema and acne), the face is always red after eating carbohydrates
-bad blood circulation (always cold hands and feet)
-problems with libido

  • bone pain

I do have some questions…

  1. I’ve read that excercise is very important to recover, why?

  2. finasteride is changing the DNA With epigenetic, is that right?

  3. Anyone of you cured himself with herbs or do you know someone who cured with herbs? I would also do a fasting if necessary

  4. Do you know some guys who cured themselves completely so they don’t have to take any kind of medication for PFS?