Final protocol 100% pfs reversal with dht therapy - lastpost

You’re right JQD, I’m just going to do it exactly like you, when I get back. Why try to reinvent the wheel. I’ll order the Test Prop right now, that way when I return I have everything ready to go.

I specifically said cypionate does not work, enanthate does not work, there is a huge difference between 24/7 release of testosterone in your system with a compromised 5AR enzymic system and a 19-24 hour release that dissipates of testosterone propionate. It makes the estrogen controllable, Recent quitter, what is your problem? Why are you doing this? Because you don’t understand something you want to ruin a possible recovery for others?

Thanks for the heads up Tumbleweeds, I remember reading your post that talks about crushing the Estrogen. Since you’re going at it initially with Aromasin alone and charting your results, I’ll go ahead and do it exactly like JQD…that way we have two test groups, can’t hurt. Glad to hear you’re on it too, I first learned of Aromasin though your posts actually, you even provided a source several months ago. Thanks bro.

10-4 bro, just waiting for it to arrive, but as I’m reading your latest developments. I think I’m going to do as you suggest:

25mg Aromasin, daily
Test Prop, every 2-3 days

I like the protocol better and better as you keep refining it JQD.

10-4 bro, just waiting for it to arrive, but as I’m reading your latest developments. I think I’m going to do as you suggest:

25mg Aromasin, daily
Test Prop, every 2-3 days

I like the protocol better and better as you keep refining it JQD.

That’s it, cypionate or enanthate will not work, that was the point of this thread, if it did I would have been off this site long ago. The discovery was the ester of testosterone (propionate) it is the only ester that works with PFS consistently.

PerfectGent, do you think maybe you could do a diary for your findings on a different topic?

Your response to skepticism is disturbing. Objectively, you should have no trouble understanding why someone on this board – a board filled with nearly a decade worth of false hope, dead ends, contradictory anecdotes and non-replicated recovery protocols – might have a lot of questions when someone comes around claiming to have The Cure. Especially when that person has in the course of about three months jumped through several very different protocols, all of which he claimed at the time were producing incredible results. Remember when you were sure the answer was HGH precursors? Remember when Masteron was the thing everyone had to order RIGHT NOW? You’ve put an awful lot out there. And you wonder why someone doesn’t just accept your new, 100% reversal protocol at face value?

I’ve been very clear in all of my messages to you that I’m intrigued by what you’re saying and glad you’re posting here, and that I didn’t care for the tone of many of the comments directed your way. But really, you need to get over yourself. Your reaction to skepticism and critical questions is immature, self-pitying and often borders on hysterical.

I said I’d leave it alone a few posts ago, but I’ve let myself get sucked into this. I’ll just put it out there one more time. YES, I totally get what you’re saying about Propionate acting faster and leaving the body quickly – about all of that estrogen conversion only playing out over 24 hours instead of a week. I GET THAT. What I’m saying is that my own experience tells me that this isn’t the root of it for me. If you’re right, then Cypionate should work at least initially, then lose its efficacy as estrogen dominance takes over. But I don’t even get an initial boost from Cypionate. Even with very aggressive estrogen control. To me, this doesn’t add up.

      My theories and protocols have evolved over time, that is how I got to where I am, if I injected cyprionate right now, I would have the same reaction. Taking Aromasin will prevent you from having negative estrogen reactions to their full extent, but it is not enough to reverse the estrogen enough for you to feel the testosterone. Estrogen dominance over time shuts your system down, so no you won't get a response to cypionate or enanthate, in the early days of using it you may, but allowing estrogen to overtake your system makes it hard to respond. 
     I have been consistently using testosterone, even so, if I were to inject cypionate I would suffer seriously, if I took aromasin, the suffering would be mitigated. However, I would not feel any testosterone, the idea of the propionate therapy is to induce DHT via 5AR enzymes through your own body and Aromasin to keep estrogen under control. 
     RecentQuitter, I understand where you are coming from and how frustrating this condition is, but I am on the right track here. If you would try what I am saying you would see, keeping estrogen low enough and using small doses of propionate to induce 5AR will start your system back up again. 
    It may take some time, but you will dose something much quicker, over time you should get better and better. I never allowed myself to suffer androgen deprivation, I kept remodulating my protocols to adapt. It wasn't till I figured out all this was estrogen that I was able to actually control this condition. I urge you to try this before criticizing it. Cypionate is simply too estrogenic, your system is so compromised that you are just getting the estrogen. 
    Remember, once the estrogen is flowing it shuts your male hormones down, then going off testosterone without properly using HCG leaves you even worse off than before. So you were suffering from constant estrogen, the only way to reverse this is to lower estrogen on a consistent basis and then induce 5AR and DHT wit low doses of propionate. 
    Unfortunately Aromasin is worthless after 25mg a day, you have to switch to arimidex if you need it, I am willing to talk to you on the phone tonight and explain this in detail if you want. I know it is complicated, doctors can't even understand me, the only one that has been able to follow me is Dr Jacobs.

I reached out to recent quitter to talk on the phone and explain this in detail, hopefully he will take me up on my offer, then I can answer his concerns and questions in real time and explain everything to him. He was responsive in a positive way, so I hope he takes me up on it.

Good man.

I have no problem arguing my protocol or explaining it, but it does wear on you when someone hasn’t even tried it and tried something you stated doesn’t work and then tries to discredit you. I feel if recent quitter and I talk on the phone I can explain it better.

It’s confirmed, recent quitter and I will talk later tonight, once we talk I’ll explain everything and he will understand. If everyone understands it’s only going
To help us all.

Thats good JQD. Just wanted to let everyone know that unfortunately the source JQD gave me for Test Prop isn’t accepting any new orders at this time…they’re out of stock on Test Prop. I couldn’t even get my email through their contact form. :frowning: If anyone has any other sources or has private stock to sell, PM me. Have a good eve Gents.

Perfect gent Google “top steroid sites,” and a list will pop up from Erowid I think, anyway pick one of those, Google the site and the word “review first.” Pm me and I’ll give you more sites to get it from, there are a million.

I recommend you all start at 10mg every other day. Today I took only 10mg and barely needed any AI and my body is reducing the test and sebum production (which confirms 5ar activity). Test prop at 10mg every other day is the sweet spot. I have taken the lowest amount of AI’s today that I have since I figured out this is estrogen. No estrogen symptoms,
My body may be starting to recover more as well.

Well, I just got off the phone with recent quitter, we are friends now, I believe I clarified everything and now he gets it, and he is conducting a little experiment right now if he can stay awake for an hour.

How long did RecentQuitter run the AI for?

Many guys here experienced recovery within the first couple weeks of TRT, then relapsed back to their normal state of PFS.

Again, JQD is right. This is estrogen rebound. Our bodies homeostatic point for estrogen is very high. That’s what the fin did. TRT won’t work for us unless we use an AI. Trick is, AI sweetspot for each person is different for each individual. We have to play with the doses to find the right level.

That’s why it’s important we all get on this protocol, if we have lots of guys using it and trying different combinations of anti estrogens and test boosters and testosterone, the protocol will evolve. For example, I have recently been thinking of adding progesterone into the protocol as an anti estrogen. Progesterone helped guys here when they used it, but then it stopped, that’s because they didn’t understand why it was helping. Progesterone is an anti estrogen, had they used it with testosterone to lower their estrogen so their 5ar could function they would have had better results. It’s important everyone understand this concept. First of all no one here need to live in misery anymore, and I have already duplicated this on 1 pfs sufferer and a second one who is well known here is improving off this concept, just waiting on the propionate to come in.
Tumble weeds, that just proves that my theories are correct about trt, if pfs sufferers were non responsive to hormones then we wouldn’t feel estrogen or testosterone or dht. Testosterone works only till a massive wave of estrogen dominance comes and shuts everything down. Finding the balance is the key, testosterone propionate is the only ester of test we can use.

That’s the key. Seems most get a bounce/near recovery from TRT, then after a week or two…boom = PFS “crash”. It’s definitely the E and/or the E plays a huge role.


Based on my theories I have one pfs sufferer (well known here) awaiting his propionate to come, in the meantime he has been using Arimidex while waiting for his Aromasin to come. He has tribulus, so I taught him what estrogen feels like and how to counter PFS symptoms with Arimidex as needed. He thought he was depressed and wouldn't believe me that it was estrogen, but when I convinced him to, he took Arimidex 0.5mg and the depression completely reversed. In fact he is having improvements based on my theories, so while his propionate is coming I told him to start tribulus and use Arimidex to counter the estrogen effects (you guys call PFS crashes). He has had success so far doing this, so it is the same concept, lowering estrogen and stimulating 5AR and DHT. 
 I cannot understate how important Arimidex is, more so even than Aromasin, Arimidex is something that is fast acting and can be taken as needed. Aromasin is a steroid, we don't know how you guys will react to Aromasin, so it is good to have Arimidex too. The theories are sound, the concepts work, but the components may have to be changed depending on the person. 
  The type of Tribulus does not matter, I know people were going crazy because someone reported recovery from a specific type of tribulus, but he was completely off. Tribulus is just a testosterone booster, it doesn't matter what kind, as it boosts your testosterone you will get PFS crash like symptoms such as muscle twitches, water retention, panic, anxiety, trouble taking deep breaths, depression, despair. This is all Estrogen, as you feel these effects take 0.5mg of Arimidex and wait an hour, if you still feel it take another 0.5mg of Arimidex and wait an hour. 
   Amazingly the Estrogen PFS symptoms will reverse into good feelings, energy, sexuality, everything you would expect from DHT. You must use Arimidex AS NEEDED for this protocol, so not taking one set dose every day, you have to learn what estrogen feels like and learn to counter it with Arimidex. Since he is responding to this protocol while he waits for the propionate, I thought I would post it as I know many of you are afraid to try injections. 
   I think this is a great way to start this protocol, start out this way before you move into the propionate and Aromasin, this will give you a good understanding of what Estrogen is and how to reverse it, and transform it to DHT.  If you take Arimidex as a regular dose every day, you will end up lowering your estrogen too much, so it must be only as needed for that reason, this is how you balance your own hormones. 
  FOR THOSE PEOPLE REALLY BAD OFF, for those of you really bad off, you simply may not respond to tribulus or test boosters, so you will HAVE TO GO ON PROPIONATE. It will still help give your system a little jump start anyway. 
   This is why I like Arimidex so much, it is quick, effective, and allows you to manage your hormones, I would love to see guys start off this way and start posting their experiences. I really feel this is what everyone should do first so that you can learn what everything feels like. I had neglected to realize that many of you never have tried hormones before, don't know how to inject, I don't want to give you guys a protocol that is too complicated to do. 
   If you start off this way, it will give you the confidence to then move into the next phase. Remember that the goal of this concept is to evolve this protocol so that we have multiple protocols for different people with different responses. I have PFS in reverse and my body is recovering, that doesn't mean I may not try a different type of anti estrogen along the way, what is important is that no other form of testosterone ever be used but propionate. You should by now know that the protocol isn't as important as the concept of what PFS is, that you live your life around keeping your estrogen low, adapting to what supplements or testosterone you take. 
  You can take anything and react almost normal if you learn how to manage your own estrogen, that is the key to reversing PFS and to recovering your system. Remember that I have had PFS in reverse now for about 3 months, but I never allowed PFS to strike me down 100%. I was always inducing my own DHT with testosterone propionate, I was managing my estrogen with my HGH anti aging protocols, inducing my own HGH regulates 5AR enzymes which then reduce test to DHT which then kills estrogen. There are so many paths, and I feel this is just the first, others will come up with ingenious protocols that will help speed up healing. 
   Please don't ask what brand of Tribulus to use, it doesn't matter, just any decent brand, the purpose of tribulus is to just increase your natural testosterone, that is all (you can even use any testosterone booster). The Arimidex will control your estrogen and increase some testosterone in the process. Now that I have seen success with one person, I see no reason everyone not start out this way before moving into my protocol. 
    For those of you who do move into my protocol, try getting by with Arimidex as needed with the testosterone propionate first before Aromasin. I want you to learn what estrogen feels like and when it comes, so that you can learn how to manage your condition. Remember that I learned about my hormones and how they feel and how to counter them before I moved into this, I gave it some good thought tonight and I see no reason why you guys shouldn't start out slowly and learn how your hormones feel first, can't hurt right? 
      The 19 year old here who asked about testosterone, I forget his name, but I see no reason why he doesn't start out this way either. So remember all PFS crash like symptoms are estrogen, and anytime you increase your testosterone, your damaged 5AR system will not reduce enough test to DHT, your body will start converting it to estrogen. When your body converts it to estrogen, be prepared to take Arimidex, you won't just feel better, you will feel good! It is amazing how quickly things will change. 
        I think this first step is important because you guys have no idea what estrogen feels like, you have had it so long pumping through your bodies that you just think that is the way you feel. This way we can have a lot more people following these concepts and reversing PFS. I have major goals, I was on test before I crashed, I am a muscular guy, I like to hit things hard, tribulus and arimidex is not enough for me. I have different goals, but it is logical for people to start this way and then move to the next step, don't you guys agree? 
         I was so excited to tell you all my protocol that I failed to realize that many of you have no idea what I am talking about or what estrogen is or feels like. One of the most important parts of recovering from this condition is learning what your hormones feel like. That is why my hormone tests are perfect, I know what everything feels like and how to manage my body. 
         The goal isn't to stay on a protocol for life, it is to get your system back up and running, those that are ready to hit the propionate straight away, that is perfectly fine too, just start out with Arimidex before Aromasin. You need to learn how to regulate your hormones, some of you may have better 5AR activity than others, some of you may not need Aromasin, some of you may just need Arimidex. The discovery here wasn't just the protocol, it was the concept of what is going on with PFS, and it was the form of testosterone (propionate) that was the most important discovery. 
          In the past, you have all been limited by these "Crashes," not knowing they were estrogen and reversible, it prevented you all from continuing all sorts of treatments. Knowledge is power, and the main reason no one has ever been able to recover (except me) is because you were crippled by estrogen, it is crippling. You must start to think of Estrogen as Anxiety and Arimidex as Xanax. Those of you who want to jump into my protocol, you can, but keep all this in mind. I am getting better every week, I do have to keep testosterone to a low dose till my system recovers more. Guess what though! I can produce as much 5AR as I need to, you all can, the problem is just keeping estrogen in check. 
            When I was on testosterone enanthate 1cc, the only thing strong enough to reverse the estrogen was 50mg of Masteron propionate 3 times a week. I got HUGE and could respond to testosterone enanthate a high dose, why? I thought it was because I was replacing my DHT, no, the masteron was just the only thing strong enough to consistently release and counter the estrogen. The problem with that is that it was suppressive of my DHT and of my recovery.
            It's more important to me that everyone understand the concept here more than the protocol, because then it will help the researchers and also everyone will start getting better. Knowing the problem saves researchers a lot of time, it may take a while to recover from PFS (even though you reverse it with the protocol), perhaps there is a way to speed that up. Since it is just as simple as having a good enough AI, researchers might find us a better drug, they are all breast cancer drugs, so there is good stuff out there. We are using drugs body builders and HRT people use, but maybe there are some others that do the same thing and are more effective for us. 
           All that needs to happen is to change our homeostasis back to normal (like I did) and wait for your system to start to detect low DHT or 5AR activity and compensate and thus change homeostasis back to what it should be. This should open the doors to this protocol to a lot of people now who were afraid of injections. PFS Natural testosterone's estrogen should be easily controllable with AI's (when used right), test injections are a different story. So that is why only propionate works. 
           Though, I believe when your system recovers enough, you will be able to use different longer lasting esters again like enanthate or cypionate. I want you all to understand all that I have learned and researched and figured out, so it is important you all understand every aspect of this that I know. There is no need to suffer anymore with this condition, I found a way out.