Did you slowly get insomnia or was it there from the beginning?

I have a question for those suffering from insomnia.

Was it a symptom you had immediately when PFS started or did it develop over time?

I am noticing my nights getting shorter despite being tired and staying up late. I still wake up early.
It may just be the summer weather and the increased daytime length, since I never totally shut off all the windows in my bedroom.

It may also just be an age thing, I’m 30 now.

But I wanted to ask. I hope it’s not being caused by anything I’m eating.

The insomnia arrived pretty suddenly for me, and was the reason (along with panic attacks), that I stopped taking it.

It’s improved for me quite a bit since then. Taking Wellbutrin briefly gave me early-morning wake-up issues, but that’s gone away. I have worked hard to build a good nighttime routine to cut down on the insomnia-inducing factors. Some nights are still rough (like tonight), but mostly I get a full night’s sleep these days.


first side effect 2-3 days after taking the drug. From what I have observed it seems like a pretty immediate effect. Also from what I can gather from those suffering from finsomnia is that it seems fairly severe and completely alien to past sleeping patterns for many, most seem to average anywhere between 3-5 hours and wake up feeling ‘wired’. For me personally there is some relief every now and then but for the most part i get between 3-4.5 hours.

Although it’s hard to pin point the reason for your insomnia given how it developed, If you’re still managing to get over 6 hours on a semi-regular basis I wouldn’t be too worried. Maybe keep a diary to see how your sleep is changing.

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If I get 5 to 6 hours that’s a good night for me , 4 is just bout acceptable . Anything under that I consider shitty and really affects me .
The month before and after quitting the drug I got the zero hours sleep thing where it hit severe like most of the guys here . Took Zopiclone for 3-4 months to get through that. Currently doing a lot better averaging 5-6 hours a night usually broken and I’m on 9 months since quitting now

Thanks for the responses.
I probably just worry too much.

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I experienced the insomnia 1 week after quitting, together with the panic attacks. ED came along a week after that. Now I am able to sleep good though, its been 3 weeks since quitting. Waking up more frequently, often with elevated heart rate.

It came later. After I took the drug I could still sleep fine for about a month.

Then I started waking up only after 5 hours of sleep and didn’t feel all that tired. I yawned but still felt ok. Then as usual it starts catching up to you and after more problem with body temp and frequent urination it became awful.