Cured after 2 long horrible torturous years!


Hey NewYorker,

Yes I absolutely did have watery semen and definitely reduced, almost nothing at all would come out, maybe a couple of drops but now everything is back to normal mostly.

I did have a lack of feeling down there and what made it worse was I had a strange pain in my entire groin area and in my penis directly. That is gone now.


The 500mg ginkgo I ordered arrived today and I took a tablet at about 7pm, and followed it with a salad. At 8 pm, I drank about 12oz of cherry juice (no particular reason, other than I had it here). At 9pm, not having had any reaction, I really realized my order of pine pollen also arrived (another member wrote something positive about it, so I thought I’d try that too).

About a half hour after taking some of pine polllen, my face felt warm, lips are slightly swollen and the skin around my testicles is significantly looser and they had seemed warmer for a bit.

I do wish I isolated the use of these two products, but after more than a decade of pfs, my patience has ran thin, and impatience has gotten the better of me tonight. I’ll stop the pine pollen and continue on the ginkgo to determine what triggered the reaction. I’ll also stop the amino acids I’ve been taking the last month, and report back in a day.


That would be great NewYorker, would be amazing if this works with other people. Are you exercising and eating clean/ gluten free also? The case study I found did say it took a full 4 weeks of taking Gingko daily for a full recovery but I noticed small results quickly and they just got stronger. I also upped my dosage to the two tablets a day.


I feel like I should also mention that my results from my blood tests showed all of my hormones were within a perfect range which was odd to me as I knew something was very wrong with my body and mind until I started my recovery.


Yes, I’m eating clean, and dropped some weight recently through intermittent fasting. I had avoided gluten and bread, but had a buttered roll today, and while not exercisng or strength training, I do walk at least 10.000 steps a day. I used to excercise, but an appendictemy earlier this year has taken its toll on me and slowed me down a bit (on top of the PFS issues)


I also received my pine pollen today and consumed my first dose, however didn’t experience any unusual side effects. I’ll keep you updated on whether I experience any of the things you mentioned


Keep updating this guys I’m gonna try too


Hi Guys

I don’t want to spoil things for you as you are clearly getting excellent results from Ginkgo.

I am PSSD sufferer since December 2016 after taking just 3 doses of Sertraline 50mg. In the early days I was looking for a fairly innocent supplement I could try.

I chose Ginkgo, and ordered some online (neulife) they were 6000mg but the label on the back states “Ginkgo Biloba Extract (50:1) 120mg providing 6000g” maybe a marketing ploy to make it look you’re getting more?

I took one of these in the morning and tried a fap in the afternoon, I found it was impossible to reach an orgasm (I had no problem before), this effect lasted for 4 days before I returned to my PSSD baseline, during this period I had no desire whatsoever to try and fap, and was in a depressed mood.

Maybe if someone wants to try Ginkgo it might be a good idea to try a much lower dose to start with and check for any negative effects.

Good luck guys



Thank you Fallout, I’ll keep an eye out for any negative effects. On the second day of Gingko 500mg (with the first dose at 9pm, then again at 9am the next day). I did wake with a fairly stiff erection, which is unusual, but it immediately subsided after getting up. My testicles do feel a little looser, but nothing significant, and during the day, when resting a laptop on my lap, I did feel an erection forming. That isn’t common, but there may be no association whatsoever.

On the mood side, I felt slightly more talkative than normal, but that may have been a coincidence. It’s only day 2, and I’m not going to run to conclusions, especially after a couple of times where positive effects in the past have ceased over a three day period.


I know its just been 3 days but any updates @NewYorker?


Minor updates: I noticed 2 very mild and short lived spontaneous erections (an extremely rare occurrence) over the last couple of days. These were completely unexpected and weren’t related to anything provocative. More significantly, I also felt substantially less brain fog, and less of a loss for words and names (but nowhere near it was before). I’m actually traveling and mistakenly didn’t bring the ginkgo,.but am looking to replace it in the morning.

The little bit of relief from brain fog is very welcome at this point.


While traveling (internationally) I was unable to find Gingo, and having just returned, I’m back on it. While I was on it only a few days, during the short period I was off of it, I did notice what seemed like the return of brain fog. There hasn’t been enough time to see improvements in any other symptoms.


I’m back on Ginko, and do notice a substantial reduction in brain fog. I did have a couple of hours of a “crash” yesterday, perhaps from extreme stress at work, so I also increased vitamin D from 2000 to 5000, and back on amino acids, where things seemed stable when I took them. Unsure if it’s related, but prior to the recent crash, Libido is even less than ever, and “orgasms” seem to be at about 1%, which is less than the typical 5% since pfs.

November 28:
I’m now getting mild headaches, and waking up after only a couple of hours sleep. It may have been the increase in vitamin D. I’m doing to reduce it back to 2000 and add magnesium.


What dose are you taking?


How is it going???


I’m taking 2 500mg Gingo pills a day, in the morning, along with about 5000-6000 units of Vitamin D, and now magnesium. Brain fog is better, for most of the day, but often doesn’t hold until the evening. SInce I’ve come back from vacation, and back on Gingo, I’ve only been able to sleep a solid 4 hours, then unable to return to sleep. The evening erections are gone, and orgasm is at about a zero, which is only a little bit worse than before.

The subtle lifting of the brainfog is appreciated, but its been replaced by mild headaches. I’m not sure if I should eliminate the vitamin D, or increase magnesium to attempt to reduce the headaches and lack of sleep, or supplement with something else, or assume the recovery was just another “3 day recovery”.


No further progress. I’ve added Histidine to the mix, and nothing further to report, except the headaches have subsided, and my impatience has increased.


I was asking tonthe creator of the post.


Bro the OP was using 12x your dose. He started off with 6000mg and then realized he needed to take 12,000. Up your dose, nobody dies from ginkgo.


There’s a weird way some gingo gets labeled, where the capsule “is the equivalent of” some much larger amount of gingo leaves. I believe I’m close to what he’s taking, but will check again. And as for nobody dying of gingo, I don’t want to be the first.