Cannabis Oil - The cure for everything?


That’s the problem with you. When it doesn’t work, all you need to say is that must not have been RSO. This will never end.


I haven’t seen anyone here try it for more than one or two nights… I’m not entirely sure it’d help much either but not one of these guys has tried rso for more than 2-3 days, much less the sixty grams or so that people who get cured of illnesses have to take. I think that’s my biggest problem with this whole thread. They talk a hell of a lot about it, but none of them actually try the treatment recommended by Rick Simpson.


That’s the problem with you. When it doesn’t work, all you need to say is that must not have been RSO. This will never end.<

What do you want? That i believe your unfunded claims or JQD who changes his opinion every day?

Or do I need to shut up?

I Will Never stop making my own thoughts…

Nothing more to add, you guys can travel to Colorado or California without problems i have to fly around the world to buy RSO. “Dude”


Exactly you have to fly here to get it. We are telling you it don’t work.


In my opinion unless someone try real rso and share his experiences, this thread will be pointless. Praising or criticizing this stuff without any real evidence doesnt help us. 8 pages messages but no action.


You know, for the record my theory has been evolving and my ability to control and reverse this condition based on it. Also I update my theory as I gain new information, dr Jacobs for example has lead me to understand that our crashes are estrogen dominance. That it was safe to take an AI that was powerful and it stopped and reversed the crash. My theories are sound and logical and I have been able to reverse pfs in myself with the right hormone protocols and AI drugs. So I don’t know why you guys say I change my theories or opinions all the time, this is science, I change as I learn more. Some have told me by following me they have improved a lot.


Three medical experts testified in federal court in California Friday and Monday that modern science renders the war on marijuana unconstitutional. Decades of medical research show the drug is not the danger the government has made it out to be, they told a federal judge.

“It’s amazing to have the opportunity of several expert witnesses to testify why they think marijuana is mis-scheduled — that’s historic,” Hermes said. … ral-court/

The US Government has already put a patent on marijuana for it’s antioxidant properties and it’s ability to treat diseases caused by oxidative stress.

Here’s the link to the US patent.

One of our members has talked a lot about using powerful antioxidants to control oxidative stress in his bid to recover from PFS.

So, the US Government tells the general public that marijuana has no medical benefit but has a patent for it’s medical benefits. Therefore, any pharmaceutical company attempting to bring a marijuana based medicine to the US market will need to come to some sort of arrangement with the US Government which will no doubt involve $$$$$.

Hope you guys find this interesting.


What the Cancer Industry doesn’t want YOU to know

1 in 3 Americans will get cancer which makes it an epidemic.

In America it’s illegal for a conventional Dr to recommend an alternative medical treatment for cancer. The Dr could lose their license and be sent to jail. Perhaps it’s this culture which has some Dr’s saying PFS does not exist, because they have no conventional cure.

Cancer: A $124.6 Billion Dollar Industry … 14996.html

That figure is now reported to be around $160 Billion Dollars.

Despite many modern cancer drugs a patients life expectancy from certain cancers is still the same as it was back in 1920. Sadly, more people die from chemotherapy than survive. How does Big Pharma get away with this? Political donations! Lobbying! A legal system implemented by politicians to receive money for doing things not so legal or in the best interest of their voters.


I’m over here taking blood tests and trying to get into the study. All I have taken are sleeping pills for the god awful insomnia this shit has rained down on me. Luckily I was able to recover my sleep this month and have been off that nasty stuff. I have taken nothing else. What are you guys doing? Looking at a dead end, that’s what.


Just to cover all bases I spoke to my friend I get my cannnabis oil from and asked about one with a higher RSO, he looked at me like I was crazy. He said that all that is is how it is made and the type of oil that is used. He is an advocate of it for curing cancer and hard core into it, he is not some drug dealer, he is getting investors together for when it becomes legal in Florida. Sadly, from what he told me there is no difference in the healing properties of cannabis oils, he said the ones I have would work the same. I mean I use the stuff anyway so figured why not give it a shot, but I had to add my 2 cents here. You guys said there were recoveries from it, but look, I have pfs in full reversal with hormones and the help of dr Jacobs.


The Medical Cannabis Guidebook: The Definitive Guide To Using and Growing Medicinal Marijuana … 937866114/

About the Authors

Jeff Ditchfield is a successful author, outspoken campaigner, and activist. He was part of Bud Buddies, the organization that supplied cannabis free of charge to medical users from 2002 to 2007. He is internationally acclaimed and respected for his research on cannabis-based oils and preparations for medicinal use. Mel Thomas is a former commercial grower who now campaigns against cannabis prohibition and has written for Releaf, Weed World, Cannabis Culture and Grow Magazine as well as authoring the wildly successful grow book Cannabis Cultivation, which has been in print for 10 years. Between them, the authors have written four best-selling books on cannabis and are both involved with Bud Buddies II, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping and advising medical marijuana patients and cancer sufferers in particular. Both live in London.


Hi all,

I’ve spoken with some of you already. I know I’m not really meant to be here as I’m an Accutane victim. However, that being said I was hit pretty bad.

I took 20mg Accutane for 10 days back in October 2012.

Side effects:

Borderline Chron’s Disease (I’ve had chats with Dr’s about having parts of intestine removed and getting a stoma).
Complete Anhedonia for the 1st year. No emotion whatsoever. A naked woman provided the same response as a lamp post, stapler etc. etc.
Ridiculous fatigue - 12-14 hours sleep a night and still needed 15-20 espresso’s a day just to function (no exaggeration)
No Libido, zero, zilch.
Watery ejaculate
Complete genital insensitivity
Epididymal cysts
Varicose veins

Basically I was in the sh*tter.

Nowadays I’m doing better. Not perfect. But definitely better.

I’ve alleviated the fatigue and anhedonia to pre-accutane levels.
My Chron’s is no longer Chron’s and is simply mild IBS. And to think I was most likely going to have large parts of my abdomen ripped out and replaced with a plastic bag.
My refractory period has gone from 48-72 hours with a boner just about capable of penetration to about 0.2-4 hours with a boner of 90-100% of pre-tane levels.
My ejaculate is now thick rather than water. I have libido again.

I have managed to improve my Chron’s largely with a specific diet but is not really relevant for you PFS’ers. However, RSO has improved that even further.
Also vaping and RSO have allowed me to bang my GF again which I am delighted with. So far I’m only seeing symptomatic treatment rather than curative but I’ll take that nonetheless. The positive effects on sexual function lasts for a few days up to a couple of weeks for me personally.

Basically, MJ has been the only thing that has significantly helped my sexual sides. The only one that hasn’t budged is the genital sensitivity.

I must also warn you all. MJ has a decent serving of beta-sitosterol and I’m sure you don’t need to be told what that is!

So while it is true that there are several accutane indiviuduals who have recovered. I can’t say whether this is through the epigenetic mechanisms of MJ or the 5AR inhibitor qualities of MJ causing a recovery similar to progesterone and the few who recover by going back on fin.


Watch TIME’s feature documentary on children and medical marijuana.

A new feature documentary has been released by TIME magazine on treating children with epilepsy with medical marijuana.

In the US cannabis is a schedule 1 drug, which means it has no medical value but the US Government owns the patent since 2003 on cannabis as a medicine. When cannabis was banned in 1937 it was reportedly being used to treat around 100 medical conditions, today that number could be around 200. In fact Dr’s have gone on record stating that no single pharmaceutical drug can treat as many medical conditions as cannabis, if you watched The Union: The Business Behind Getting High you will know exactly what I mean. Can RSO cure PFS I don’t know but what I have learned it that cannabis is not the devil drug that my government wants me to believe. In fact there are no deaths world wide associated to cannabis, however more than 100,000 people die every year as a direct result of taking a prescription medicine. More people have died from smoking tobacco than all those who were killed in World War 1 and World War 2 combined.
If you still think marijuana has no medicinal benefits and it should remain illegal after watching this, you truly have no soul. … marijuana/ … a-special/


Dude, Stop posting useless articles. Go get your RSO and report back. Otherwise stop using this board like some kind of political spring board for weed. Its really not productive.


I’ll tell you my experience this past week I’ve started smoking vaporized marijuana through a vapor pin and consistently everyday that I do smoke… the following night in the middle of the night I get erections… I wake up because of it…anyone else experience this?

Long term would this cure PFS Erectile issues I don’t know… Currently I’m working on accepting this condition so I can be happy again… I will achieve that. … if I don’t cure this someday… paralysed people find happiness. … I’m gonna began watching a new show called “Push Girls” its on netflix… paralysed girls enjoying life… I’m excited to start watcHing it… God Bless guys


I get nigh time erections without any drugs and my hormones are all low. Night time erections are no indication of recovery. I wish they were. Same with sleep.


You never know man your sleep is improving that’s pretty damn awesome dude. … that maybe an indication of recovery… improving right=indication of recovery… this month… do you exercise Mciboth ? Do you eat healthy?


Accutane recovery story from the accutane board.

i) Did you have any symptoms besides sexual dysfunction?

I don’t think so. However, I did experience depression and anxiety as a result of the sexual dysfunction. Post accutane, I had no ability to sexually perform and libido almost gone.

ii) Could you breakdown your sexual dysfunction? I.e. was it libido loss, ED, penile numbness etc. Could you also note severity?

On a scale of 1-10, perhaps a 3. Low libido, unable to keep it up. Unable to have sex with my wife (she was baffled) Little penile numbness as well as shrinkage.

iii) You suffered with these side effects I believe for 18 months, when you started the RS Oil it took 3 months before you noticed significant changes and 5 months before you were fully recovered (if I remember this correctly). Did you notice any sort of recovery between accutane and RS oil? Could you detail the timeline of recovery while on RS oil? And if this recovery has maintained completely after RS oil?

I took the RS oil for about 5 months, unable to remain on it any longer because I had to return to the States. Recovery was slow. At the beginning I was unable to keep it up, get aroused easily, get it up at will. Was nearly impossible to have sex with my wife without stimulants (we used Chinese herbs thinking they were safer than Viagra). However, after using the RS oil for five months I noticed I could keep it up and have sex successfully W/O any stimulants.

iv) When you were creating the RS oil did you opt for specific strains such as Indica/Sativa or simply something with high CBD?

Sativa was only available to me. Very high THC, most likely little CBD.

v) Did you grow yourself/ get someone to grow for you/ medicinal use license/ etc.?

Went to foreign country and acquired buds through the help of friends then made the oil myself as directed from Rick Simpson.

vi) Anything else you can think of off the top your head which you believe to be of importance?

In conclusion, I want to say that I believe the RS oil helped me tremendously. However, I want to be honest and say that I don’t think I’ve recovered completely since libido still comes and goes. However, I do have a stronger libido along with the ability to have sex w/o use of viagra or cialis.

Also i want to add that I took much time off work & went to a foreign country to take the RSO treatment. (it’s completely legal in Uruguay) Took some risks & lost a lot of money, but I think it was worth it because I feel much better now & able to move on with my life. This may not be an option for everyone, for this reason CBD is worth exploring because supposedly it mitigates the high effects of THC."

So there we have it. From this I’m going to extrapolate and make a hypothesis or two. 1. If he had continued he would have seen continued improvement. (Rick Simpson himself says chemo-damage requires longer to recover from his personal experience) 2. I believe a higher CBD strain may have faster/stronger/better effects, this is simply from looking at some of the science nothing more.

One thing that concerns me with PFS is that it may have caused actual physical damage to the human body, whereas cancer is a malignant growth or tumor which has been shown to shrink when in contact with THC. Therefore, the actions of RSO may be somewhat different in that the physical damage must first be repaired so our expectations may need to be adjusted with this in mind and therefore the length of treatment. With PFS we are not trying to shrink a growth within the body; repairing physical damage will be more difficult depending on the complexity of the issue.


You can find crap supporting any argument on the internet. Nothing you have posted is a fact. Stop posting useless BS. Try the treatment then report back.


I hate to shatter any hope about Hash oil here, or cannabis oil, but let me point out that marijuana in any form is a vasodilator, it operates the same way viagra would, it vasodiolates blood vessels. When I was younger and would do coke and get coke dick, I would smoke weed and get hard, marijuana in any form would operate in a similar way to viagra for this reason.
It also could help the emotional and psychological effects, I believe this is all symptomatic problem solving, I prefer to hit this at the root like I have with my research and protocols. I have reversed this in myself and others are improving with protocols based on my research, why don’t you guys follow us? I have been smoking Cannabis oil every night (or vaping) and it hasn’t done anything, I always get hard when I am high or semi hard. That is due to the vasodiolation, however, if it weren’t for my protocol I would not be able to do that, these guys are responding as one would to viagra or levitra, with being on this stuff all the time it is like an extended release reaction.
I am all for marijuana, but I think it helps symptomatically, that is it, bare in mind that guys will recover from this condition on their own, and also Accutane does not work the same way as finasteride. In fact Accutane causes hair loss, I was on actuate years, it did not work the same way as Avodart (which did shut down my 5AR and oily skin). I am not sure the mechanisms of Accutane are the same as Finasteride or Avodart, high doses of Vitamin A do shut down the sebaceous glands, but I am not sure they target the actual enzymes like finasteride and Avodart do.
I am not saying it doesn’t, but Accutane gave me no sexual sides, Avodart shut me down, finasteride didn’t do anything for my oily skin. I think finding help from Accutane sufferers may not help us, if Accutane worked the same way as fin or Avodart then it would stop hairloss, not increase it, just my 2 cents.