Cannabis Oil - The cure for everything?


So I stand corrected, I met a friend tonight who offered to sell me Cannabis Oil after trying to get me to help him raise 2 million for an upstart (as Medical Marijuana should be legal in Florida after November elections). I dunno, he told me once to invest in Bit Coin and I totally ignored him, this was years ago, had I listened…
That aside, he was going on about the health benefits of Cannabis Oil, I am going to get some and give it a shot.


There is a store in fort lauderdale that sells the oil, for anyone who wants to try this. Perfectly legal, you can walk right in and buy the stuff.


Joetz, it’s not the same stuff, it is some kind of scam, Cannabis oil is essentially “hash oil,” it is some kind of BS holistic oil they are passing off as Cannabis Oil. I assure you it is not the same thing as I have vapid this Cannabis oil and it is more potent than smoking Hash, I have yet to try eating it as the OP has suggested. I plan to try that tonight, but anyone can slap a name on an oil and claim it is Cannabis oil. If it is being sold in a Holistic store it definitely is not the same thing.


So the theory is that it’s the thc that helps? I’m really curious to see some results from people here. No one ever seemed to benefit from smoking marijuana but maybe the oil is different


There are 8 people from the accutane board who’ve recovered from cannabis which took between 3 mths to 2 years. The oil guys (3) recovered the quickest the other 5 smoked and vaped cannabis. I have posted 2 oil recovery stories so far.


Are you talking about hash oil? I scored some and ate it and vape it, got fucked up for 5 hours eating it. I’m not sure this is curing people, maybe they are rexovering on their own and attributing it to this stuff. I mean by all means I got it I’ll try it, what’s the exact protocol? Just be prepared to be stoned out of your mind for 5 hours straight after eating only a tiny tiny drop of that stuff lol. We’re they eating one drop a day? Can you just vape it? I mean hell I been smoking and vaping weed this whole time, it’s the only thing that helps sometimes and maybe that’s helping me. I been vaping wax, shatter and now hash oil. I just don’t do it during the day as it makes me useless and I workout almost every day and it makes me lazy.


Is oil very similar to wax? Because I am vaped cannabis wax plenty of times. It certainly didn’t cure me. But just like smoking weed, it does help alleviate symptoms. And it gets me realllllly stoned.

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If you want to understand why marijuana can cure disease then you have some reading to do :slight_smile:

The Science of the Endocannabinoid System:

The endogenous cannabinoid system, named after the plant that led to its discovery (cannabis savtiva), is perhaps the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health. Endocannabinoids and their receptors are found throughout the body: in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. In each tissue, the cannabinoid system performs different tasks, but the goal is always the same: homeostasis, the maintenance of a stable internal environment despite fluctuations in the external environment.” … oid-system

The science behind marijuana is powerful stuff that’s changed lives and saved lives, it’s a lot more than just folks toking on a joint, you are engaging in something powerful, it’s this science that’s been kept at bay by the mainstream media. Marijuana is their dependable villain with which to write negative stories about, the average person is more likely to believe in UFO’s and little green men than the fact that marijuana can cure diseases like cancer. Why? Because the mainstream media write stories about UFO’s all the time, they have become accepted within society. If the media did the same with marijuana it to would become accepted within society.

Sick people are more likely to be open minded about marijuana because they want to be cured, but a normal healthy person doesn’t have the same motivation to understand or want to understand until they too are sick.


Sorry guys just to clear up any misunderstanding. The recovery story isn’t about Crank92, it’s just an acknowledgement for being very helpful, I will post some more info when I get chance.


This guy was cured by Cannabis Oil! Amazing!


In a little over two weeks, Americans all across the country will vote on the issue of marijuana in some form or fashion.

Marijuana Laws in all 50 states … -50-states

There’s been a few questions on here about hemp oil and CBD oil, this article should help with a few queries. … bd-strains


I have canabis oil, it’s great, but it’s not s cure for pfs, I think that’s ridiculous, I mean I heard they were touting it as a cure for Ebola too. It’s just condensed potent weed in an oil. Maybe many of the people who were cured with it did not have real problems but mental ones. I just don’t see how it could cure all this stuff, it’s not uncommon anytime something new comes out the snake oil phenomenon occurs. Let’s keep it real, this condition can be reversed with hormones as I have proven, but the right ones and the right combo. I advise people to stay away from natural shit, it only made my symtoms worse because natural stuff is unpredictable. Cannabis oil will help a lot of the mental symptoms, but I believe in fixing the root, that’s just my opinion, not trying to be negative.


I ran across some of the Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) accutane recoveries online today and it ultimately led me to this thread.

It seems like the Rick Simpson method is what you need to follow…or at least what the recovered guys did.

I will keep watch on this thread. Really interested.


Yep. The standard cannabis oil people smoke is usually BHO, which is butane extracted, great for getting high but it leaves behind a lot of different compounds that decarbed, (heated to release the active compounds, this is essential if taken by mouth) alcohol extracted oil preserves. Street or dispensary Oil will be mostly THC for recreational purposes.


Here are a couple of documentaries on marijuana that present the case for legalization. … -2014.html

The culture high is the latest, it’s features some of the biggest names in the business plus a few well known folk like snoop dog. It shows the cultures against marijuana and touches on the medical side, it’s informative if you haven’t done much reading on the subject and will bring you up to speed with whats going on.


Sorry for bad words - I have never done this before in this forum:


Who the fuck do you think you are?

This forum is for people with a terrible condition and for discussing their problems and possible cures.

You get PFS (or something else from the various hormonal drugs you use, used and will use). The next thing you do is to come to this forum tell us how to cure PFS (with hormons haha hundreds of guys have tried this before - no cure) and this in multiple threads. And of course by different substances in the timelime of a few months.

STOP this behaviour please!

Now you have the beautiful chance to use cannabis oil (not the original RSO ey?) - and you use it a short fucking time and tell us, in a really hopeful thread, that the oil is useless and not helpful?

Do you really think the people that did “Run from the cure” or Rick Simpson himself - they are all idiots and their cancer was just an imagination that they lost by getting stoned?

How stupid are you?

Are you a merck rep. and paid by them to just confuse us all? What is your goal - are you cured? fine just leave. are you suffering? read and learn, don´t teach and destroy hope and destroy believes in what could be the cure!

RSO has obviously cured people with accutane damage (no proof - but certain evidence) - WHY should it not help us? Why should it not help to destroy the mutated cells in our body? Why not? You have absolutly no backround to say it helps or not!

Do you think you take it one fucking day and your PFS will dissappear? I am certain you have even more problems than just this. Just move to another place.

And for your suggestion proviron and masterone - both has positive effects on our conditions (long time sufferer do know about this)- but it will harm us if we take it - and it will kill you if you overdose it over a long time. I hope you know that and if you post about these thing please remind others about the risks of a treatment like yours.

Again sorry - but this had to be said.


This guy Patrick took one dose of Fin and got PFS a month later. Read his recent comments. He made his own RSO. He says it helped him but its obviously not a cure. I can appreciate your desperation but you are wasting your time flying around looking for this as a cure.


Wow, One Guy Took it for some days and it didnt cure him? That is no proof, and it can’t, should’nd, won’t be a proof for me that RSO does not cure PFS.

I know the guy Patrick, really like him and his video about pfs. He is really cool and hands on. Definetly in a better condition than i am and i think the most of us. The Last video was about him being homeless from early october! So i doubt he made enough oil to stick with a treatment 3 months Long.

If the post accutane recovery is true, and post accutane syndrome is simular to pfs, it is just connecting dots. That is not real out of the box thinking!

I still have hope.


I understand your desperation but it doesn’t really make any sense at all. In fact I would think its more likely to cause additional problems. PFS is neurological with a side of brain damage. I seriously doubt you will better your situation with RSO. Its like my dumb ass post about special K curing depression. At least that was a mainstream article. It was a load of bullshit.


Is this is your opinion, I accept that definetly.

And if you think pfs is neurological, well in That Case RSO Makes no Sense. Please head in another direction.

But you have to keep in mind many others including myself dont Share your thoughts. This is not the thread to discuss this. Move on.