Cannabis Oil - The cure for everything?


anyone had a sustained period on high cbd - thc ratio on here yet? i’m really interested in this, after seeing an Australian 60 Minutes story on Charlotte’s Web the other night. These dudes are really starting to up production which is promising, although demand is also ridiculously high especially for kids and people with recognised medical conditions. Unlike us PFS sufferers, where it’s all in our heads. :unamused: Anyway, I’m gonna do a bit of research into how difficult it is to obtain a high cbd - thc ratio oil in the US, where to obtain it, etc. I’m gonna have a roam around on the deep web too and see if there’s something on there. If it’s not outrageously difficult to obtain or ridiculously expensive, I’m really keen to try a 3-6 month spell on it.


and I know this sounds bizarre, but I actually had the best period of recovery in 11 months when I was smoking high quality weed every 2 - 3 days in a decent amount. and I’m a guy who suffers heavily from brain fog and emotional flatness more so than sexual sides.


You really want THC oil which you can legally buy in Colorado, I’ve not heard of anyone getting better with CBD oil. Also you would want to know what cannabis strains have been used in the oil and also how many. If you can get the THC oil this would be the way to go.


I only did the one bottle, which lasted about 3 weeks. I didn’t get any improvement in libido or ED, but it may have improved my shrinkage to where I am mostly normal now. Not sure if this was from the oil or just the fact that I got better over time, but it did occur while I was taking the oil.

Still smoking some indica a couple times a week. Helps in both ED and libido.


did you have flaccid or erect shrinkage or both? how long was the shrinkage? thanks


So as I mentioned in a previous post I have just spent a week in Barcelona (BCN) purely to find a cure for PFS, which I believe is called Rick Simpson Oil. Firstly, the reason I call it RSO is because Rick’s extraction method using alcohol appears to be the oil of choice by cancer patients. You can extract oil using other methods known as hemp oil using Ice, Water or CO2, which is the purest method.

Before travelling to BCN I contacted several cannabis social clubs by email to introduce myself and show that I am not interested in cannabis tourism, which is something the BCN authorities are trying to stamp out. In fact while I was in BCN 50 clubs were shut down for various reasons and new laws in BCN are being put in place. I’m not sure if these laws will affect all of Spain but I do know that they will reduce the amount of cannabis you can buy. I found the cannabis clubs using youtube and also conducting specific web searches … b-reviews/

After visiting BCN for a week I came away with mixed results. Basically, some of the clubs sell cannabis oil but it’s not that simple. The oils on sale were made from only 1 strain of cannabis and it would be more useful if 3-4 strains were used, as that covers more healing potential. Next, not all the oils I saw were made from an Indica strain containing 20%+ THC. High THC oil cures disease, low THC (10-15%) provides temporary symptom relief like a prescription drug. Thirdly, the oils seemed to be made by another party who would supply the club, so you don’t get to directly speak to the producer. Therefore, you are at the mercy of the club and are offered what they can provide. Now for the kicker. The oils I came across in BNS had been made using Ice, Water or CO2 extraction methods. You can make the oil using these methods but you don’t have to decarboxylate the buds … -into-thc/ before hand. But what I’m saying is you really, really have to decarboxylate the buds prior to extracting the oil otherwise it won’t heal disease. This is a critical part of the process and it has been said by an authority that the Spanish cannabis clubs don’t know how to make proper Rick Simpson Oil.
Remember, the clubs make their money from members who want cannabis to smoke and RSO is just a sideline that they aren’t too bothered about. For example, I had been in contact with one owner prior to going to BCN, he seemed interested in me becoming a member. I visited his club, the guy had oil but I needed to ask questions about how it was made and none of his employees could help me. I left my details for him to contact me and he didn’t even have the courtesy of getting back to me. I experienced my fair share of disappointments while I was there, it was not an easy trip by any means and most clubs are hidden away and difficult to find.

So while oil is on sale in BCN I couldn’t find anything to meet my exact requirements. This is the first big challenge with RSO, procuring oil that is properly made to cure disease. You cannot just take any oil and expect to get better. Like I mentioned in another post I’ve contacted folks involved with legal cannabis treatment and know what works and what doesn’t. As for costs the oil was available for 50-70 Euros per gram. So you’re looking at 3000-4500 Euros for a 60-gram course. On top of that you will also need to pay for living and accommodation costs while staying there for 3-4 months. You may also need to show the club that you’re a resident in Spain, which will require an NIE card or a short-term visa (both seem very easy to obtain).

I did try the oil on two occasions and within 30 minutes it hit me like a sledgehammer. At this point, I was back at the hotel and only fit to lie in bed due to the powerful effects. Both nights I slept 8 hours, which was something of a miracle given, I’d not slept more than 4-5 hours a night in the past 8 years. As for the sleep, I remember going to bed and then waking up the next day, none of this getting up in the middle of the night for piss or waking up at around 4-5am like I do at the moment. The oil I had was made from CO2 extraction, the same method used by Big Pharma, however it didn’t meet all my requirements so I passed.

While I was out there I joined several cannabis clubs and made a few contacts who I will stay in touch with and see how things change out there. I’m sure the oil will become more popular in time and the right oils will become available but I won’t be waiting around just like I’m not waiting on a Dr to cure me. You can also buy the green yourself and make the RSO at home. The only issue here is that the authorities require you to be very discreet or you face a small fine. I couldn’t find one club that had all the strains needed to make RSO, so it would probably require membership with half a dozen clubs to get what you need. Also the clubs get in different stains all the time so again you would need multiple memberships because you cant guarantee that each batch of oil would be made from the same strains of marijuana (I don’t know if that would be a problem as long as the strains were powerful enough). In some ways it was a frustrating trip because I was so close to what I believe is our cure but not close enough.

Going forward I believe that the oil would best be obtained from a small cannabis club outside of BCN maybe in a small town that is willing to offer a personal service and also a club that speaks English, because not all of them do. I have a few ideas to work on here and go forward. Now in order to do the oil in Spain you would have to live there for 3 – 4 months as I said. Apartments in BCN will roughly set you back 2000 euros a month or you could rent a room for about 500 Euros per month. Just remember renting a room requires you to live with strangers obviously. You will need trustworthy housemates, as you will be a sleep 12 hours a day and pretty baked for the remainder (also the oil can make you quite paranoid). The idea is to get down as much oil as possible; you only start to cure disease when your ingesting a gram of oil per day and that will take a month to build up to. You will be intoxicated and vulnerable while on the oil so it’s important you’re around people you can trust.

As an individual willing to spend up to 4500 Euros on oil I still wasn’t getting much love from certain clubs, probably because they are raking in a lot of cash right now during this cannabis boom period. Like anything money talks and if a group of us were willing to travel to somewhere like Spain we would have a lot more buying power and should be able to get the oil that we need. Also, we would be able to rent our own accommodation without interference from strangers and support each other as a group. If I had turned up at a club willing to spend 18,000 Euros say for 4 people then I’m pretty sure I’d have got the oil I needed. Right now the laws in Spain are on our side and there is a window of opportunity here, but it won’t last forever by all accounts. Buying weed from a back street dealer and making your own oil is not a good idea wherever in the world you are. The oil has to be made from top quality buds with a high THC or you will be wasting your time, I can’t say that enough.

Spain is not the only alternative, the Czech Republic is probably the most weed friendly nation in Europe and have laws to prescribe medical marijuana. However, they do not legally sell RSO from what I know but they will allow you to grow 5 plants a year, which is enough for a 60-gram treatment. You can also legally grow your own weed in Spain but it would have to be in a garden and not indoors using lighting equipment, which is against the law. So in both cases you could rent a property that’s in a discreet location, legally grow your own medicine and treat your disease. Growing the plants costs next to nothing in materials and is the cheapest option by far.

It it possible to be treated properly with RSO in Spain but it will need further planning. If you want to be apart of this in someway or have an interest in RSO then feel free to PM me and we can set up our own group away from the board. I hope what I’ve written doesn’t offend anybody, we all have our own ideas and I’ve done my research on this. I am not out to break any laws and need to work within the confines of the law for the sake of my profession and any future employment. In any case, I have got the ball rolling and hope that it at least inspires others to do the same. Twelve months from now I could be PFS free, you could be PFS free or we could still be here checking the board every week and searching for answers, Rick Simpson has given us a choice.

Good luck!


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Why don’t you post after trying and give outcome. This is a retarded waste like most of the posts like it.


It would be quite helpful if you had posted this after having tried the oil and experienced improvements.
The links are for ‘cancer cures’. We don’t have cancer, not yet anyhow.

I’m a firm believer in the medicinal benefits of cannabis, especially for pain, but I’ve seen nothing on the topic of fixing hormone levels or androgen receptors, yet. But I remain open to options and results from those with experience. My own progress can be credited to the guys on this site, and NOT to any doctor or pharma.

You’ll need to post pre and post hormone labs to convince anyone on this site that Cannabis helps.


After speaking to several cannabis researchers who have been extremely helpful and understanding, I have found out the following.

With regards to structural changes to the brain caused by PFS these might be repaired by the synaptic plasticity that THC (marijuana) induces. THC is shown to trigger new brain cell growth, which can only help to repair damage to the brain. The new brain cell growth is triggered by brain derived neutropic factor BDNF. THC and CBD are the best at increasing BDNF but there are other ways. … 77163.html … sing-bdnf/

Cannabis is apparently very good at dealing with hormonal imbalances and can restore balance. An initial treatment would be to mix cannabis oil with coconut oil and rub this into the skin; the back is usually a good area for this. Using a homemade cannabis balm would reduce the psychoactive effects, in other words reduce the high or stoned feeling.

The next level of treatment would be to use cannabis oil via a good vapourizer, the best is a volcano vapourizer, which you inhale through the nose.

Just so you guys are aware using cannabis as a balm or through a vapourizer maybe a long-term treatment, possibly up to 2 years going by previous cannabis recovery stories from Accutane victims.

Finally, if these methods don’t improve PFS then cannabis oil should be used as the same protocol for cancer, which is a 60-gram course over 3 months.

PFS has thrown the body out of balance. Our endocannabinoid system is designed to balance the body so supplementing this with cannabinoids (THC) will provide the system with what it needs to challenge PFS.

You are probably aware that PFS has decreased our cortical allopregnanolone level. THC has been shown to increase allopregnanolone in male rats. I mention this because some on the forum have discussed obtaining allopregnanolone to treat PFS. … cannabinol

Absorption of this medicine is very important. To improve cannabis treatment taking gingko or apigenin will keep THC circulating longer in the delta 9 form.

Also taking Oregano oil and very ripe mango contain myrcene, helps THC cross the blood brain barrier.

Valerian, which has been mentioned in the forum as beneficial to treating PFS, will inhibit metabolism of the second most important cannabinoid cbd. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to take Valerian which on cannabis treatment.

In relation to hair growth, there are cases where people have used cannabis infused with coconut oil on a bald patch and hair has started to regrow in that area.

I have attached a word document, which goes into more detail about what I have posted above. If you are serious about learning or doing this treatment successfully then you will need to read this.

Here are a few links to posts on marijuana and some other useful sources.



Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health

This is Grannys list look not just for your medical condition but also for similar problems/ drug reactions / imbalances. This document will show you what cannabis can cure/treat. … ITIONS.pdf
RSO info for propecia.doc (43 KB)


I have been smoking, Vaping large amounts of weed, wax, oil before, during and after the crash, it never affected anything except helped alleviate the misery. Currently I am in remission, but not from this protocol, from another. Though the possibility always remains that it plays a role, but I doubt it, I smoke myself unconscious every night and it never made a dent in my worst times.


Guys unless your responding to specific points in quotes can we try not to include large quotes in our responses and just write the persons username if required, thanks. I will be posting more about cannabis in the coming days inc success stories.

JustQuitDut thanks for your response. When I vaped the oil I slept solidly for 7-8 hours, it was the first time I slept well since getting sick. Without the oil I sleep only 4 hours. Did cannabis improve your sleep? If I had access to oil in the UK and could sleep 7-8 hours every night I might have a better chance of recovery, my body would certainly be getting the rest it needs. Sleep deprivation causes a host of problems by itself, short term memory is just one of them.


I always had trouble sleeping and waking up my whole life, so I already had an array of things to put me to sleep and wake me up, one of them was weed. I do attribute marijuana to the fact that I never noticed the sleeping problems others did, I definitely recommend marijuana to anyone with PFS.


JustQuitDut, you sound like a mess. Firstly, try getting off all the other drugs you’re on first. Then, as Andyuk said, try ingesting the RSO (oil). Its not really the smoking/vaping that will cure PFS, its the 3 month 60gram RSO ingestion treatment that has the best chance of curing you. I will be trying my treatment in about a month. I think it is going to cure me. All my morning erections came back after only 3 days of taking a drop of oil. I had morning erections, a full package again consistently all day long (for the first time in 8 years), and also normal bowel movements, all for over a week and a half, after just three days of treatment. I know this stuff will cure me!


Boston, no need to throw insults at people, I am not a mess, I am all muscle and completely in perfect health, I have reversed PFS completely with HGH therapy (but if I stop PFS comes back). I would like to hear your experiences with Cannabis Oil, interesting that it has reversed your symptoms. Have you been buying the oil online somewhere?


Guys sorry to intervene but it we are buying cannabis legally then it seems fine to post a legal source online such as a registered marijuana dispensary in Colorado. However, if cannabis is illegal in your state or country and your admitting to buying something illegal on the board and start naming sources then it puts us all in a difficult position, we are all then witness to a crime. Also, these posts can be found through public searches, freedom of speech is not so freedom these days.


It is legal in half the USA now for medical purposes, soon in Florida (my state), anyone who lives in the US can get it, no one needs to discuss sources on here. It can be found with a quick google search I am sure. Andyuk, the laws are different in the USA, this is not considered a crime nor a witness to a crime, not in the US at least. People can discussed the benefits, no one needs to post sources on here.


what planet are you on??? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee man…


Common sense should tell you, you don’t name illegal drug sources on the internet. The marijuana websites/boards are very particular about this and will ban people for doing it as they don’t want the authorities coming down on them. Bodybuilding boards are the same, you don’t talk steroid sources or you get banned. I get nothing out of posting info about marijuana, it’s banned in the UK but I do it for those who may have access to medically prescribed weed. If you want to get involved then please post something constructive, If you have an issue then PM me, otherwise the matter is closed.


Crank92 kindly sent me some good info on cannabis, here is one of the cannabis success stories from a former accutane sufferer.

i) When & for how long did you take accutane?

5 months in 2008. I took if I remember correctly 40 mg a day.

ii) What sides appeared and how severe?

At the time I thought I would return to normal after I stopped accutane. So anything what happened after Accutane I just did not make the link with accutane. Fatigue appeared quickly after I stopped. I started noticing my hair falling off after 3 /4 years and my nails stopped growing ( they probably stopped earlier ). I started using vitamin pills to help my body and after a while I found out it could be vit A overdose related. I made the link with accutane and things became much clearer. The condition my body was in quickly became clear when I read other peoples stories and there were many similarities.
I lost my body mass completely. I became a fragile old man with thin legs and and no strength. My dental health was bad and my skin was very dry. I had low libido but no ED. So no random boners or looking at beautiful woman boners.
Hair loss became quickly severe and it looked like I had MBP. But it came with such a rate it was shocking.
Looking back I think I was in a depression, no serotonin.

iii) Did any of your sides improve prior to taking RSO?

No, not really, mostly waves of good times and bad times. Some good days followed by depressing days.

iv) In regards to your sexual sides can you detail them? i.e libido, ED, genital numbness, epididymitis, epididymal cysts, varicoceles, ejaculate etc. etc.

I know you have ED, but my story is a but less severe. I do had low libido. But I had normal sex with my girlfriend. After I ejaculated the recovery time was long however. No random boners and no morning wood.
I once went to a doctor for a little hard bump in my “little” testicle. The doctor said it was clogged sperm.
Also the amount of sperm was low.

v) What was a rough timeline of your experience on RSO? i.e. did you notice something from the 1st dose or did it take a while?

So this is the fun part. I order 20 mg from a good source ( ill include some emails next post ) and I received it with no problem.
The normal dosage was half a rice corn. The mode of ingestion first was under the tongue but doing it in a capsule and straight to the stomach was much easier and the onset was calm this way.
I experienced some lightheaded, but nothing for my symptoms. After 1 week I upped the dose to see what its potential was, I became a bit stoned I guess. No change in symptoms.
After two weeks I started feeling great. Maybe it was a THC great but it was the same feeling I have had when I was young. The timeline is still vague for me because for me it were very rough times. I think the most happened between 1.5 and 3 month when the doses were high.
The dryness stopped and I started producing ear wax again. Every exercise I did I was building muscles again where before exercise destroyed my body. I regained my strength and instead of 1-2 pullups I could do 5-6 and with a little exercise I do ten again. My nails are white again and hair is thicker but foremost it is oily again in 4-5 years. My hair becomes very dark because of the oil it produces. In 4 nights I have seen 2 hairs on my pillow.

As for my libido, I think you are correct with the fast rebound and the long term rebound. The fast rebound is insane, my girlfriend would take her pants off to take a piss and there is my yoghurtrifle again ( sorry bad joke ). It became full erect just because of that. I did understand that was not normal and I expected that to level out again. I now have 2 random boners on a day and when I see a very sexy lady it becomes erect. I also can make it erect by just thinking about it.

When I take a shower my arms are very dry again, like accutane dry. But in the course of the day it vanishes and by the end of the afternoon I have my tan back in stead of white flaky skin.

My biggest surprise is my dental health. I normally have a little split between my two biggest front teeth. When I was 16 I took braces for that and a night brace. I haven’t took my night brace in years but there is no split now. I have the best smile right now and why ? There were always problems with my gum the last couple of years, and last week, zero. It looks perfect, zero retraction and I think my gum can keep my teeth where there should be again thats my best guess.

My body mass is completely back. I gained 3-4 kgs. I look and feel like a man again.
Pre-accutane I had military grade body muscle, took accutane and became a thin old man. I’m pre-accutane right now. lots of muscle in just 2 months. I literally dont fit my pants anymore, I have to buy bigger ones. I do have to mention, my body is always in sport-mode. Pre-accutane I gained muscle very very easily so thats just my body. I feels like the blood flow is restored again and I can get a pump pretty easily.

I forgot to mention I had some IBD. Yellow stool and discomfort. My stools are brown again but the texture sometimes changes. My gut discomfort is down from 80% to 10%.

In general I feel RSO switched my body back on and made it receptive again.

Ohh yeah, I’m out of my depression, I’m 100% sure I produce serotonin again. I go out with my friends again and my body likes to be social again.

Some negatives.

I still have some floaters.
I still have some tinnitus. But with both I’m confident they will disappear in matter of months. I still have some RSO I may take some to finish it off quickly.