Cannabis Oil - The cure for everything?


Depressedguy if you think cannabis is the cure for nothing and yet have no basis for your ignorant comments why dont you piss off and stay the hell out of this thread. No one wants to hear your shit.


at least i dont start a “ignorant” topic and called “cure for everyting” when dont have any basis or clue or any of shit. i didnt say its not worth a try or bullshit. you dont have any clue and saying “cure” word to attract attention. dont need such a cheap shot.


Did you even bother to watch any of the videos i posted? Do any research on the topic? Obviously not, because they show that it cures plenty of things, but you’d rather just run your mouth first. Stop wasting people’s time who are trying to do something positive and go and be depressed somewhere else thanks.


Guys stop fighthibg. Everyobe is frustrated here…

I just went to the enetherlands and bought CBD oil. Will let you know


yeah i was nervous . mikey is right. i apologize.


Yeah Im sorry too guys. Just hoping that cannabis will be a benefit to all of us, I have a belief it will, so I’m hoping everyone can be supportive in at least giving it a fair go…


Badluck how did you go with the CIBDEX CBD Oil?


Testosterone - Marijuana

Marijuana and low testosterone: the two go hand in hand. Yes, marijuana is a “herb”. Yes, marijuana is a “natural plant”. However, none of that is going to change the fact that marijuana is a one way ticket to low testosterone, erectile dysfunction and fertility problems. The political debate regarding marijuana may be interesting, but the research shows it to be debilitating and potentially deadly long term.

Marijuana assaults your precious hormones in almost every negative way possible, especially testosterone. One study after another has shown that cannabis lowers testosterone. For example one research team found that “a reanalysis of existing data established that testosterone levels are depressed both after smoking one marijuana cigarette and after intravenous infusion of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, a pharmacologically active component of marijuana”. [1] The same study concluded that it would take at least 24 hours for testosterone levels to normalize after marijuana use. (NOTE: It’s not just the smoke - an IV will do it.)

Another study found that not only was testosterone decreased after short term marijuana use, but leutenizing and follicle stimulating hormone were lowered as well. [2] And just to add to the endocrinological misery, the arch-villain and stress hormone cortisol was raised as well in this same study. There are also studies in animals and humans that strongly indicate that marijuana blunts growth hormone response as well.

But that’s where the good news ends: animal studies show that marijuana use shrinks the testes. [5] So, if you’re not happy with lowered testosterone, infertility and elevated cortisol, you can sit around enjoying the fact that you’ve got a little more air flow through your boxers.

You should also know that there are many reports that chronic marijuana use leads to gynecomastia, i.e. “bitch tits” or “male boobs” due to its abundant amounts of phytoestrogens. One journal writer pointed out that “given the effects of marijuana on the HPG axis in males and the possibility that noncannabinoid components of marijuana smoke have affinity to the estrogen receptor, an association with gynecomastia is plausible but has not been convincingly demonstrated”. [4] Remember that estrogen fights against testeosterone in the body as well.

Marijuana has also recently been flagged as particularly dangerous for young people because it decreases seratonin and increases norepineprine. While these are not sex hormones like testosterone, these can alter mood negatively and, through prolonged use, may permanently alter anxiety levels and reaction to stress. [7] Again, the researchers are suggesting this may have long term, possibly lifetime anxiety and mood repercussions. I would also add that any increase in stress will also likely lower testosterone as well.

So we ask the question, “Could someone please explain again why anyone in their right mind would smoke marijuana?” The only thing we can think of is the extra hydrogen cyanide. That’s right - marijuana tobaco is much higher in hydrogen cyanide - probably five times higher - than cigarette tobacco. Maybe that partially explains why habitual pot smoking is so hard on the lungs and why cannabis use has also now been linked to the most aggressive form of testicular cancer.

I am sure most of you have the good sense to stay away from the wacky weed and have heard every excuse in the book from its adherents. I have heard one guy claim it helps him stay cut because it suppresses appetite, not realizing that it is whacking his precious muscle-building testosterone behind the scenes. To those sorts of arguments, one can only give them a look that relays the idea that sticking burning leaves in your mouth and inhaling is never going to be a smart idea! (Other toxic items that we consume include Excitotoxins, Pesticides and Additives Such as BPA.)

Not to make the bad news even worse, but there is also considerable reported evidence of erectile dysfunction among chronic marijuana users. This is undoubtedly partially due to the lowered testosterone. However, the other reason was discovered by one study that showed marijauna effected Nitric Oxide and summarized by saying, “We conclude that early endothelial damage may be induced by chronic cannabis use (and endocannabinoid system activation”. [3] In other words, the happy weed may not make you so happy long term: it may take your sex life with it.

The tragedy with marijuana is that many cultures and youth are embracing marijuana as more “natural”, but this is far from being the case. One recent study found that marijuana induces just as much cell toxicity and DNA damage as cigarette smoke. [6] The researchers were very clear that marijuana displayed just as much cancer causing power as the cigarette smoke: “In addition, when corrected for total particulate matter yield, little difference was observed in the mutagenic activity of samples smoked under the extreme vs the standard regime for both tobacco and marijuana condensates”.

I went through the “Make Love Not War” era and pot was front and center stage. Of course, the irony is that there’s a lot of guys walking around now not able to “make love”, not realizing that the lowered testosterone and decreased nitric oxide of long term marijuana use during that time is behind it all.

NOTE: Researchers have recently found that the THC in marijuana actually effects sperm negatively and literally makes them high. The sperm get “wired” and then literally burn out making it hard for them to achieve their ultimate destination. This may yet another reason why marijuana is tied to reports of infertility (along with the decreased testosterone, LH and FSH of course).

NEW FLASH: Marijuana does not just after your gonads - studies have also shown that it attacks the brain. Researchers have also found that heavy marijuana users have 7% and 12% smaller amygdala and hippocampuses, respectively. [8] They also have a higher incidence of “starter level” psychotic symptoms.


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Endocrine effects of marijuana in the male: preclinical studies.
Harclerode J.
Marijuana affects a variety of hormones that are regulated by hypothalamic function and it appears that the psychoactive ingredient, THC, is the major compound responsible for this action. It is probable that THC affects these hormones through its ability to alter various neural transmitters in the hypothalamus or neural transmitters in the CNS which impinge on the hypothalamus. The dopaminergic and serotonergic fibers seem to be particularly important. The two gonadotropins, LH and FSH, secreted by the pituitary gland are of major importance to reproduction in the male. Both gonadotropins appear to respond to a single releasing factor from the hypothalamus, GnRH, which is sensitive to catecholamine neurotransmitters. The THC-induced block of GnRH release results in lowered LH and FSH which is responsible for reduced testosterone production by the Leydig cells of the testis. Other hormones that might have a synergistic or antagonistic effect upon reproduction in the male are the adrenal cortical hormones, prolactin, thyroid hormones, and growth hormones. THC appears to depress prolactin, thyroid gland function, and growth hormone while elevating adrenal cortical steroids. Chronic exposure of laboratory animals, such as rats, mice, and monkeys to marijuana and to the various cannabinoids in marijuana has altered the function of several of the accessory reproductive organs. Reports of reduced prostate and seminal vesicle weights, as well as altered testicular function, have been partially explained by the effect of marijuana in lowering serum testosterone needed for proper function and support. Although some of the change in organ weight may be due to lowered testosterone production by the Leydig cells of the testis, some of the weight changes may be due to a direct action of THC, and perhaps some of the other nonpsychoactive cannabinoids in marijuana, on the tissue themselves. Also, of concern are the reports that acute cannabinoid treatments affects the quality and quantity of spermatozoa produced by the testis. The question is still unanswered as to whether or not the effects observed on spermatozoa are due to a direct action of the cannabinoids on spermatogenesis, or whether some of the observed effects may be due to altered hormone levels which are necessary for the support of spermatogenesis. Reduced testosterone and FSH may be important in producing the observed changes in sperm production by the seminiferous tubules. Many of the effects on the endocrine system caused by chronic treatment of animals with THC are completely reversible with time and there is reason to believe that tolerance develops to these effects with acute exposure to THC.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 400 WORDS)


Lets hope the foundation finds out whats wrong with us soon, stop all these bizarre and dangerous cures. Like weed and progesterone etc.


And who funded these studies?
I’m highly skeptical of any mainstream studies, where basically money and political agendas lead to ‘results’ which suit them. The same reason cannabis became an illegal substance in the first place despite years of being used medicinally throughout history.

Reminds me of those studies which allowed the FDA to conclude that finasteride was perfectly safe…


For all these studies regarding cannabis you can find a study with the opposite conclusions…




Yeah I agree sometimes lobby groups fund studies for their own benefit, seems like THC does lower testosterone, FSH and LH though, pitty because a lot of people seem to benefit from cannabis, especially reducing pain.


How do you take it?let it dissolve unddr the tongue or do you mix the oil in some drink and drink it?


What do you guys think would be the best cannabis oil product to order online?
Im thinking to try my luck and see if it gets through customs here, but not sure which one to buy yet…


My experience with the cbd oil i bought didnt work out.
I honestly felt nothing, maybe some small anti depressive effect…but didnt belp with sleep.


Here’s a few things I heard about for those of you wanting to try the oil:-

Use around 4 different strains to make your oil so you get a range of different cannabinoids that cure in different ways

What is the the THC content and the CBD content? What is their ratio?

What solvent are you going to use?

Will the oil be decarboxylated?

If you make oil and it treats your PFS these questions will need to be answered in order for others to successfully copy your treatment.

You cannot just take any marijuana, make an oil from it and expect it to work. The treatment is expensive and has it’s own complications so make sure you do your homework.

I have no experience with the oil but these links below may help: … n-oil.html … -list.html

If folks make the wrong oil with realising and it doesn’t work very well, this will only send out the wrong message to others.


Well said Andy


Here’s a Rick Simpson story taken from allthingsmale about an accutane patient … o+accutane

***** RECOVERY STORY *****

I’ve got permission to post this story that I had in my inbox the other day. The individual wishes to remain anonymous and thus any speculations to who it is I will neither confirm or deny. However, take it for what it is - good f**king news;

Thanks alot man I appreciate it! I owe my life to this plant which is why I now dedicate my life to spreading the knowledge of this amazing medicine. I never expected any of this. To take it back to the start I was *** years old I Was literally the epitome of an athlete and health (sexually included)quite like yourself as I saw you mentioned. The death pill accutane turned me into what I could only expect it would be like at 80+ years old, after 6 months of 40mg per day…if I remember correctly 1 poison pill a day.

Still remember near the end of the death treatment I found one of those pills crushed with a sickly orange goo coming out. Later to find out this poison is chemotherapy originally designed for brain cancer, which I now know is a whole other fraud just like most of the ‘medical system’, but that’s another topic. Back to the point. I remember in the summer of 2010 when I was a month or two into the poison I suddenly released my erections were becoming extremely weak and my feelings were slowly dying. I didn’t understand what was going on I was only focused on getting rid of the acne. Time went on and I got worse and worse thinking it was only temporary. Never could i have imagined what these criminals had put me on for acne. By the end of the poison I pretty much felt dead. Extreme fatigue, extreme brain fog I could not think normally, could barely make sense out of regular things, at this point I was completely impotent with no more feeling sexually or in my body. Complete loss of sexual function. No erections, no libido, no sexual thoughts or attraction to females at all. Emotionally dead. My joints in my legs ached bad and made cracking sounds when I would move them. My eyes were red and dry and I had horrible night vision I couldn’t see outside at night even though I always had been able to in the past. My lips had a big split top and bottom from being so dry and cracked. They would split and bleed daily. I still have the scar lines from it. Basically the poison made me feel like I was no longer human. I don’t know if I am forgetting anything but I think that about covers it.

It was around 2 years until i really began cannabis treatment. I was feeling worse and worse no improvement at all to the point i was basically bed ridden with no hope. I eventually started off vaping and over the course of a few weeks my brain fog finally was clearing and I was getting some erections and feeling which was very exciting, but it wasnt always too consistent. The reason being i believe is the amount is very little being consumed compared to an oil tolerance. Also i feel that vaping/smoking is very mental so I believe most of the cannabinoids go to the lungs/brain rather than the whole body compared to ingesting oil. But it certainly began to clear up my mind. I began using RSO months later I believe a bit more than 1 1/2 years ago. Within the first few days i knew this was it. I took it very slowly and only increased my dose as I was comfortable but within a few weeks I was beginning to really feel the true healing power. I was feeling alive with energy each morning and I finally began getting more erections. My mind was clearing up even more and feeling and emotion was returning. This is dated around a month or so. I no longer had joint pain and my night vision had returned.I continually increased dosage and I continued to feel even better and better. Every symptom just continued to feel better by the day. Erections and feeling continued to improve as did my energy and mind.
Another thing that I think helped a lot is a few times a week i would mix some rso with coconut oil and put it in a condom and wear it. By this time it was around 3 months into treatment. I estimate I consumed around 50 grams of oil or about 12 ounces of bud. At that point I felt completely cured and back to normal. I continued to ingest the oil and continued to feel great. I have used the oil on and off since then as maintenance doses and I still feel great to this day. This oil is truly amazing. Throughout the course I didn’t write down dates or measurements so it is mostly estimated. I continually listened to my body And feeling as I went along. That is the most important thing to remember on the oil. Take it slowly and build a tolerance. Once your tolerance is high after a few weeks or months the healing really begins. Start very small and give yourself time to build tolerance. 1/2 rice grain every 8 hours rick Simpson recommends, doubling dosage every 4 days. I started a bit slower but eventually built it up. We all have different tolerances and healing rates so always go at your own comfortable pace. It is important to use indica or indica dominant strains because they provide the best healing and rest. Many people have schedules so if you can only use at night before bed that’s still okay. Sativas are not good because they are very mentally energizing and not suitable for healing the way indicas are. Some indica dominant strains have a bit of sativa enough to make a nice balance, but you are looking for potent sedative strains that make you want to sleep. These are the real healers. A few strains I used were afghan kush(indica), northern lights(indica), grand daddy purp(indica), white widow(indica dom), skunk #1 (hybrid). The indicas are definitely best but the hybrids were good to add in the mix for some euphoric good feeling. The best oils are a mix of strains which is what I did. Don’t worry about cbd, simply shoot for potent sedative indicas and you will be good.

I did not grow the bud I used for these oils, but I have knowledge on growing if you are looking for help. Growing certainly solves many issues in finding this medicine but sadly it is a risk as we know right now. I hope this was detailed enough to be useful and will certainly answer any further questions you may have. I apologize if there isnt a lot of detail but over my course of helping I didn’t keep track of much besides how I felt and continued to improve over time. I would love to add more detail but I have been typing for about 2 hours now on my phone because I don’t have a computer at the moment. I can’t think of much else off the top of my head but Im more than happy to continue to chat and answer questions or help in any way I can. P.s. I tried finding a lawyer for class action lawsuit about 2 years ago by no one would take on the case unless symptoms included IBS or a few others… thats the corrupt system for us. I don’t have money for a lawyer so I don’t know how realistic suing actually is for me but I am still trying to collect info in the meantime. Very happy to talk to you as well man it’s been an unfortunate part of our life but there is certainly a bright future ahead!"