Cannabis Oil - The cure for everything?


I think 1:1 THC:CBD oil, or low THC, High CBD oil, should be tried. The problem with the netherlands is if you go to a coffee shop and tell them you want high CBD strain they’ll go: CB what?!


Is this stuff worth trying ? … s=hemp+oil


ı talked pfs vıctım who lıve ın netherlands. I ask hım ıf he use thıs but he saıd sınce thıs year you need get a pass to take ıt. Guys ı guess thıs stuff banned even netherlands. Sorry.


Hi, you need the pass close to the borders but nowhere else. Roterdam is fine. Problem is you wont find what you are looking for:medical strains


Are hemp oil and cannabis oil the same thing?


not at all.


I thought this was very cool:


Just got back from the dispensary. Ironically they were out of the hash oil that you can get high on, but had plenty of CBD oil. I picked up a one ounce bottle for 40 dollars. Per the directions on the bottle, put 2 pumps under the tongue twice a day. Per the supplement facts there are 80 pumps in the bottle, so should last about 3 weeks. Just took my first two pumps. Not expecting a miracle after 7 years, but worth a try. Will post after a week or so with an update.

FYI the bottle also states the following amounts per serving(2 pumps):

Hemp oil (seed and stalk) 8mg
Cannabinol CBD 1 mg

I’m guessing you can also pick this up in most states with medical marijuana. The bottle I have states it is distributed by HempMedsPX, 4901 Morena Blvd., San Diego, Ca 92117. The web site listed on the bottle is


Thats amazing! Please let uss know how did it go!

I think theres actually a better chance the 1:1 oil would work better so if that doesnt work dont give up and give a thc:cbd 1:1 oil a try.

Keep us posted please


Yeah great work Badluck! :slight_smile: Im really looking forward to hearing how you go.
I agree, if you dont see big results, definitely try to get some 1:1 oil.

I hope more guys will get onto this aswell…


Just looking at this product, they say they are getting the CBD from hemp oil.

Im not sure if all hemp oil on the market contains CBD, but from what i have read apparently hemp contains high CBD but no THC.

This site continuously states how their hemp oil has CBD, and how amazing it is due to the US patent on CBD. They sell the same oil you purchased Badluck.

But then this hemp oil website does not mention CBD once. I was using this hemp oil to add to my smoothies before I even knew about CBD. I got no medicinal effects from it at all.

SO are some hemp oils produced differently than others, therefore some have CBD and some dont?
Or is the CBD on its own of no benefit to us at all, and needs to be with TCH in order to provide medicinal effects? If so, it would seem apparent that some hemp oil companies are just using the CBD hype to sell their products…


It doesnt really matter if the cbd is coming from hemp or from cannabis, or even from flAx. Cbd would be cbd.
I posted some studies on the benefits of cbd or thc, no one is saying one is better than the other…as all the things around here, you need to try it to know if it works.


so you think with a good hemp oil and a bag of good weed we are set to go?


Been one week now on the CBD oil. Not too much to report. Some minor improvements in sleep. Seem to be slightly more relaxed. Nothing as far as ED or sex drive. Seems that a combination of CBD and thc is what we need. I say this because I also bought some edibles which only contain thc and those don’t give me much boost in the sex drive department, but if I take a toke or two of the cannibis indica I bought I get a definite boost. Will continue until the current oil is gone, about two more weeks.


I’d be careful taking anything with such a high alcohol content. Such high proof alcohol can kill you.


we must change topics name : cannabis oil- The cure for nothing …


Tried yesterday something similar to e.cigarette but made if thc… boosted libido and sensitivity a lot!


so how did you feel on it?


I think you can try olive oil or honey?


Any news?