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Hey everyone. Firstly I’ll say I know very well and am so deeply sorry that reading is just not an option for many patients, and will need to be taken slow and steady by others. While I am no longer able to concentrate well, imagine well, or ‘enjoy’ in a way that resembles feelings prior to this disease, I can at least sometimes read fiction at the moment, making the most of fleeting windows…The ice is thin, and unfortunately it is not a constant for me. However, one of the books I have recently read is The Master and Margarita translated by Pevear and Volokhonsky, which was really funny and fantastically written.

It’s about Satan and his retinue, which includes a large walking talking black cat who has a fondness for guns, vodka and Dostoyevsky, going to Moscow for a bit of a holiday. I will not give much away, but it features a somewhat gallows humour subject matter for us, as more and more people are deemed delusional and institutionalised in the wake of the seemingly inexplicable murder and mayhem they cause everywhere.

I was speaking with young @borax about it as he had wanted to read it, and @Sugarhouse was keen to read on the description of the opening chapter. So I thought why not throw it open to anyone here who is able and would like to read along or just follow young @borax’s thoughts!

@borax’s duties now include periodic updates on his progress through this book, so he’ll recount what’s going on in a nutshell and giving his opinion of what he’s reading along the way in this thread. Hopefully it’ll provide a little distraction.

Love to all


Hello guys,

I cannot wait to provide my first update on this book. After listening to axolotl’s description of the first chapter, I was hooked and decided that I would pick it up. Look forward to writing to you about my takes on it, and I hope I’ll be joined by others on here.


im hyped


I’m hyped @axolotl is back on the forum!


Dig it.

It’s one of those books that stays with you. Looking forward to revisit it!



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