Anyone from U.K sue Merck?

Well, it’s probably not peyronie’s, but something that resembles it. I doubt you’d get it diagnosed by a doctor, because… Finasteride, the drug that secretly fucks you up, and is not detectable through examinations usually, let’s keep it lowprofile - Merck

I’m not trying to bash on you, i’m also a one doser, and i know how much this shit can damage you, literally destroyed every part of my body, although things are improving, i’m scared it’ll never go back to it’s normal state.

I think in the coming years that studies will soon be able to distinguish how we can carry out tests that show finasteride caused direct damage right now there’s not enough concrete proof per patient basis except if patient is showing physical symptoms like pyronies. I know if I died and they did an autopsy my brain health would show alarming levels of brain inflammation and disruption to neurons I can feel constant electric shocks and spasms across my left temple. I seen your profile on swolescource btw I hope you don’t buy too much into that CT protocol. I don’t believe anyone after the infamous crash ever goes back to normal just that the mind normalises it’s new condition. You’d think God would have designed a reset button :frowning:

Trust me, from when i crashed to now, it’s a relief. I’m not planning on waiting years for a study that’s not going to do anything for me or anyone else, people are still going to take fin, regardless of the outcomes, because the chances are still low. I think you underestimate the human body and it’s capabilities, provided the right circumstances, your mind and body can heal given time, i just thank god i haven’t crashed ever since.

And no, most people get to 90-95%, and god knows, maybe with time, they’ll get back to 100%

If I crashed again that would be the end of me I have no doubts that’s why I stay away from supplements altogether too dangerous in this condition. To a certain extent yes I actually have a friend that was in a really bad car accident on his 18th birthday he hit a pole and his brain was seping through his skull he got pretty messed up but he’s living better than any doc predicted almost 2 decades later. If this is epignetically induced all we can hope for is that our brains unsilence the receptors.

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Jesus christ, that’s terrible. Stoked to hear he’s doing better/good. Yeah, i wouldn’t disregard CDnuts protocol, i seem to get in to the topic a lot on this site, but it’s illogical that people claim big improvements from it, and many i’ve personally spoken to. Worst case scenario, it’s something that gives you hope right? I feel few of his ideas that i’ve incorporated has helped me tons.

If I seen more proof that his system was helping people I’d gladly support him but I read through every post on that site and it’s just him pushing people into his regime using pressure techniques there was even a guy that had to be hospitalised and they were going to remove his stomach probably from all those herbs he was rotating. If he was honest and said look listen this isn’t a cure it might help like it helped me then I’d be more inclinced to “maybe” try it but other than that he’s just a salesman that practically runs swolescource.

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Can you link? Besides, many people have done their own things that thet shouldn’t, rotating a few herbs daily isn’t going to kill you, if you start off with the basics, enter autophagy and let your body heal during the fasting and juicing, then refeeding. His gut health was probably miserable and didn’t follow the steps, but yeah, that sounds absolutely terrifying.

His username is biatch read through his posts you’ll see it. Many people on this site have ended up 10x worse some even from vitamin D. CT is a nutcase honestly, don’t take what he’s saying for face value. Ask to skype him It wouldn’t suprise me at all if someone from Nigeria popped up lol

Look at the post were @pvdl put him on blast and he didn’t even have the courtesy to defend his reputation.

Thanks for the link, I’ve scimmed through this before yeah, didn’t get all the details, will check it tomorrow. He kept on though and said he hit 90% for a month but dropped though?

It would probably be a lot easier to sue the Doctor who put you on the drug if they didn’t tell you about the side effects.

Here’s an example of a Doctor who deserves to be sued.

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Great idea Mark I’m looking into it have you sued this man?

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Hey, if anyone on this forum could point me to lawyers in the UK that would take on my my case I’d be greatful I’m bankrupt and haven’t a pot to piss in because of this mess. @awor @axolotl @Dubya_B can any of you men help?

the dislikes on the video explain it all, this guy even looks like a fraud

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I’d suggest that starting legal action would be Ill advised at this time then.

You’d likely have to give your representatives a large slice of what probably wouldn’t amount to much.

At this time the evidence isn’t in place so you’d be better off waiting until there is a stronger case, more publicity and other people taking part in legal proceedings.

If someone settles with you now, you can expect something like the sum given to those in the USA case (search for it) and to be frank, it’s unlikely that you’d find legal representation prepared to work for all your payout let alone a share.

As with everything in this shitty situation, my advice is take part in our projects here (survey, 23&Me, Video) and be part of the evidence and publicity that will strengthen your case, and wait.

We have 3 years here to file a claim so I’ll just wait it out then until more evidence is gathered up. Thanks

Is that 3 year limit unchanged if further evidence comes to light? Pretty crap if so.

I’m not so sure Greek i injured myself at work and put in a claim once my lawyer told me I had up to 3 years to claim not sure what it is in this case and America’s law differ from ours.

@Papasmurf, have you found any lawyers?