Anybody else have no emotion

Many of you say you are depressed. I am not depressed but very angry and annoyed with everyone, or indifferent to everything. I had more ups and downs before minoxidil.


I used to be very passionate, now no much


Same as you Zonz. Feel like I’m ready to blow all of the time very irritable too with 0CD.

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I have no positive emotions. I cant feel love, i cant feel passionate. Anger I can feel in some degree but not the same way it use to feel. But on the other hand I dont feel concerned about my health either, because I cant feel basicly anything. If my family would die, I think I wouldn’t drop one tear. As a matter fact I cant cry although I would like to. And for example Corona, all the people are freaking about it, I dont give a shit because I dont feel anything. And I definitely are not afraid of death. As a matter fact if its my time go because of the corona, then its my time to go. On the other hand I dont feel anxious or depressive anymore, that has subsided a while ago. But it would be nice to feel something.


How long did it take for your depression to subside?

I didn’t have any depression.

Almost half of us has anhedonia/no emotions