Any hope for baylor research this month?

My opinion is that we need to forget the Baylor study and stop waiting for it. The substantive, gene-expression part of the study will not publish within two years. I will not comment here why this has happened.

Instead, we need to try to recreate the most critical parts of the study ASAP from scratch. Rather than investing money for 23andMe, which in my humble opinion will not produce any results, we need to fund-raise for a targeted gene-expression study with a small number of participants. Doing the right tests on even one true PFS subject will answer a lot of questions.

Similarly, we need to fund-raise for and do an animal study. I hope I will be able to respond soon to some previous comments regarding a lack of feasibility of animal studies.


fundraising is what m trying to express but no one seems to be on board , we need to reach out to the public for help ,they are the ones who can make a huge difference

the pfs foundation is not known by the wider general public so imo wont gain that much donations a public cry for help would

Currently we can only rely on ourselves. Nobody outside of our community cares about PFS. If 200 people here donate 250 dollars each, that’s 50k dollars. That’s enough for a lot of research if invested properly.


shall i set up a donations thread here n see the response it gets?

@annony24567 - users are strictly not permitted to solicit funding here. I’ve given you the appropriate link if you want to spread the word or donate. Could you please read what @Tzinkman provided you? There are several ways you could better use your time to practically help us.

Please read the following guide

Most importantly, if you have stopped finasteride for over three months, you can take the post drug syndrome survey by clicking the bar graph icon on the top right of the forum on a laptop or desktop computer.

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no problem i will do .


if only things was that simple around here ,

Ok that’s very good post. How much will gene-expression test cost per participant?
Can’t we just organise this like 23andme study with third party lab?

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Users are not allowed to solicit funding for things OUTSIDE of propeciahelp or… we had a thread around the holidays last year that challenged people to donate 100 dollars. At least a dozen people did. We should absolutely do that again this year. It is personal funding that you are not allowed to solicit.

lets do that right away and have it ongoing ?

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Hi folks,

Going in the same direction, could you kindly check this thread and make necessary to comment the page of this movie maker ?

It could be our best shot to lift quickly awareness about PFS.
People managed to do it for accutane.

Thank you in advance.

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Yes, will do. Positive is always the best way, even if its hard sometimes. Just ordered my kit (choosed the expensive one because of curiosity)

As soon as I get my result I will post it on the dropbox. Thanks for the help.


A lot of things to be optimistic for imo.

CRISPR tools are refining and getting better, safer, and precise (PRIME editing).

We just have to figure out what’s going on exactly, and the tools above would be ready to help us solve this issue.

The mods here imo are pretty accurate with their epigenetic change theory and have created a plan. Thanks for helping out brother!

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are you confident prime editing if we found out exactly whats going could eventually heal us? love the positive vibes its how i get through day to day

Well the tools’ abilities speak for themselves.

Gene editing tech has been here for decades so it’s about time we are seeing breakthroughs.

In regards to my confidence, it depends on which theory you believe in.

This message board and PFS foundation believes in the epigenetic change theory.

Other users here like to think it’s neurotoxicity, auto immune, gut biome etc.

Based on everything I’ve read and seen, my judgment is to trust the epigenetic change theory, very easily.

And if for some reason that ends up being wrong, I have trust that awor and axolotl are competetent enough to get to the bottom of the problem, if given the resources hence these projects.

say its the epigenetic theory in your opinion could we be healed after we find the root cause?. is there anytime frames on things in production right now do you know? although its good to hear things being done a time frame on when to expect things would keep spirits around here high

It’s hard to get a time frame on things from my perspective. I think we will get a better idea once the mods finish writing a research paper that we will use along with the survey to get funding. once we achieve the funding goal, it would be more plausible to be more transparent when it comes to information and time frames. Right now its tough because no one knows, we have to do a lot of gritty work in the beginning with a lot of uncertainty.

epigenetic changes means its reversible from what I know. a lot of cancer treatment research goes into epigenetic therapeutics, and tools and information are refining + becoming more clear.

im quite new here but it seems only now we are breaking through and trying to get things moving . have people been in the dark on this site for many years without progress?. do you know if the research papers are getting done now?

lets hope its epigenetic and we can all go home one day!

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Yeah the site had a revamp in 2018. Look through @awor’s “posts” to see it.

It’s most likely epigenetics but we have to find the root cause.

Baylor study not publishing quick is definitely making things harder but we just have to work with it at this point and move forward with other angles.

Research paper should be coming around Christmas according to axolotl
Welcome brother. Stay positive and strong, one step at a time. We will get through it