Andrea from Italy

Yeah. I used citalopram to treat agoraphobia with excellent results and no adverse reactions. (a few oral drops daily for 6 months during my nineteen)

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@Andrea assurdo che i livelli ormonali sono nella norma, come anche a me!
Pazzesco veramente, quindi è non diagnosticabile in laboratorio la sindrome?

I used oral isotretinoin to treat severe acne. I used to have papules, nodules and cysts. I was in a very bad situation with my horrible face. I had a lot of stress due to acne. ISOTRETINOIN SAVED ME. In my case it was a miraculous drug.
I used isotretinoin during my sixteen for one cycle of 6 months at maximum dosage daily.
In my nineteen I used citalopram to treat agoraphobia with excellent results and no particularly adverse reactions. (a few oral drops daily for 6 months)
Yeah with “RedBull” I mean the energy drink but another energy drink is almost the same in term of mental effects.

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Yeah. You can check everything but with a probability of 99% everything will be in range.
Only waste of time and money.

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Mio dio! Cazzo è terribile davvero sta sindrome di merda!

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Andrea, did you ever use Andractim (Dihydrotestosterone)?
Qualcuno dice cha ha dato miglioramenti al pene.

Yeah, I didn’t use it but I hear about.
Maybe in future I could try it.

You could check 3alpha diol. This is the best indicator.
Check progesterone, e2, shgb, lh, FSH, T3 and 4. Normally they are out of range or extreme high or low. At the same time, you know your problem.

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ok…thats also a high circumference. do u know if its intraabdominal fat (the “bad” visceral" or the more chubby outside which you can grab? i mean love handles eg look shit, but are more healthy than if it was all inside)
when i was on fin i was slim, but in winter i became chubby on the stomach and sides. now this has changed alot, im less chubby but the belly is bigger…so its inside. i read that androgens promote the storage of visceral fat (combined with stress hormones).
i find energy drinks also VERY helpful for clear mind, focus ,energy,and LESS anxiety.
a strong espresso (increases rather anxietey but makes my skin oily on the nose and head,so some androgenic activity happenin.

ma dai quanti italiani sono li?!?

ok i used andractim from belgium. i put it on several areas of the body. on the love handels (makes them smaller) on the shoulders and direct on the penis. andractim is very strong, makes me loose water after few hours, look more ripped. it makes the eyes less dry. mentally its much stronger than normal testosterone gel, big optimism,ridiclous confidence (too much, not coherent to my appearence,so its ridicolos) but also numb,alpha male asshole like behaviour. it shifted my odour. very strong erections and a true libido booster. never tried it longterm as it might worsen lipid levels of blood and shuts down HPA (not sure if more shutdown than normal testosterone)

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Thank you @noprop for the reply.
I checked another values.
Everything was fine.

TSH 1.32 uUI/mL [0.30 - 4.00]
FREE T4 10.0 pmol/L [7.9 - 17.0]
FSH 4.5 mUI/mL [1 - 14]
LH 4.7 mUI/mL [1.5 - 9.2]
ACTH 10.60 pg/mL [4.70 - 48.80]
CORTISOL 10 ug/dL [5 - 25]

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I didn’t check it with an abdominal MRI scan. Maybe I can try.
Yeah, energy drinks are very helpful for smart mind and YES they give me LESS anxiety. It’s incredible.
Exactly like you.
My skin becomes more oily (I have always oily skin even after the crash) and I develop eczema and pruritus (I used to have seborrheic and atopic dermatitis before crash).

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Grazie @jakobi, lo provo certamente!
Un saluto dall’italia!

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Your levels are not very fine. I am afraid.
Tsh is too low. Free T4 too low. FSH the same. ACTH very low. Research.
What cortisol test did you undergo? 24h? Saliva test? It should be.

Research what you can do.
Good luck.

Two endocrinologists, an urologist and also my dad (he is a doc) have seen my exams.
Everyone said that everything is fine.
I have done also a thyroid ultrasound examination and a penile doppler ultrasonography.
Everything is perfect.
Cortisol was assessed by blood exams at 8 a.m.
I can check everything. Nothing will be out of range.


Okay, if they say that these levels are okay and fine, congrats. I have my information also from docs and scientists. Being in range means not automatically good or optimal.

But everything seems fine. Good luck! Best and out

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Does anybody know how to get HCG?? My doctors wont prescribe me it, because im in normal range hormonally… I can’t find it online. I only get steroids.

Does anyone know if @Andrea fully recovered???
Looks like he used TUDCA in his protocol too, I can’t wait to try it now once it comes in.

Andrea is active on that other PFS forum whose direct mention here is verboten.

Are you talking about solvepfs? Another member here that’s in contact with him says he’s doing good still.