A SSRI (Prozac) Has Potent Antihistamine Properties

Antihistamines, commonly available over the counter and used to treat allergies, may contribute to male infertility, according to the results of a new systematic review.

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I have been using finastride 1 mg for over 10 years now but not noun stop i take it for 2 years usually and then get a year break but what has made me surprised is this that everytime i am on finastride i dont get any hayfever or allergic reaction to the foods which i have usually(its not life threatening though)has anyone else experienced such an effect from finastride?

10 year but not noun stop ,the longest period i have been on it noun stop is about 2 and half years,side effects build up for me mostly when i reach to 1+ but the usually go away a few months after i stop ,insomnia and deppression are the worst but i get lower libido and softer erection,but all of this worth for me as finasteride does several things for me not only saving my hair,i had to take zantac for my stomach asid every day which has its own sids,also antihistamine during spring but when i am on finasteride i dont need them

Possible role of histamine receptors in the central regulation of immune responses.

H2-receptors appear to play a major role in the histaminergic mechanisms involved in immunomodulation both at the level of immunocompetent cells active in the peripheral tissues as well as through the central nervous system structures involved in the central regulation of neuro-immune interaction.

This is a quick one, not alot of info here.

Synthetic retinoids inhibit histamine release from isolated human mast cells.

Also pulled from a couple studies,
Histamine is one of the inflammatory mediators involved in the immune process of acne. In addition, histamine receptors have been proved to be present in sebaceous glands in vitro .

Antihistamines act as anti-inflammatory agents and decrease the lipogenesis in sebocytes, thus explaining their potential role in acne treatment. This is the first study to evaluate antihistamine use in acne patients in a clinical setting, and the results are promising when the drug is used as an adjuvant treatment to isotretinoin.

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Two different studies here on Prozac.
I’m not sure about exact histamine type involvement in the first study (but histamine release was prevented just like with Accutane)
The second study looks like h2 receptor blockage as Prozac is compared with a h2 antagonist.
It was much more potent then the h2 antagonist in blocking histamine.

Effect of fluoxetine on histamine content in the rat conjunctiva

Histamine levels reached 149.6%+/-11.6 of the control eye after local administration of fluoxetine.

Serotonin and histamine mediate gastroprotective effect of fluoxetine against experimentally-induced ulcers in rats

Fluoxetine and ranitidine pre-treatment significantly increased gastric tissue histamine by 80.3% and 56.9%, respectively, relative to that in the tissues of rats that received INDO alone, and by 89.0% and 48.9%, respectively, vs that in tissues of alcohol-only rats. The effect of fluoxetine was significantly different from that of ranitidine in both ulcer models.

The results here indicated fluoxetine exhibited better gastroprotective effects than ranitidine and this could be due to anti-secretory, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-histaminic effects of the drug, as well as a stabilization of gastric serotonin levels.


Brain Histamine Is Crucial for Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors‘ Behavioral and Neurochemical Effects

Histamine as a neurotransmitter

Histamine Activation on Memory (separate study)
This finding adds strong support to the view that retrieval is a dynamic process that requires neuromodulatory signaling, just like acquisition, consolidation, reconsolidation, and memory maintenance (6, 33, 34), and identifies a crucial role for the neurotransmitter histamine in this process.

targeting the histaminergic system may modify the encoding, consolidation, and retrieval of emotional memory.

Memory retrieval of inhibitory avoidance requires histamine H1 receptor activation in the hippocampus

Cognitive Function before and during Treatment with Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors in Patients with Depression or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Our data show that in patients with OCD or depression and those who are naïve to SSRI therapy, a gradual decline in their memory function can develop within the first 8 weeks of initiation of drug treatment with SSRIs. This decline did not have a relationship with the patient’s age or gender, nor his/her level of education. We suggest further follow-up studies of these patients to identify the persistence of memory loss.