80% to 90% cured with Psilocybin(magic mushrooms)


It arrived today. I ate about 2g. First thing I noticed was better mood. I started eating my dinner and it tasted great as always, but this time it was even better.

Then I ate some chocolate and suddenly started laughing for 2 minutes lol.

Later I browsed through instagram, saw some girls and ALMOST had to cry because they there so beautiful, wtf :grin:

Same with music. But here I shed some tears in the end because the female voice was so beautiful.

Anyway, this stuff rocks!


Since PFS I became a robot basically, but today I felt intense emotions like pre pfs or even stronger.

IMO everyone with mental symptoms should try this stuff or low dose LSD (mushrooms are very similiar to LSD)


I’m really happy for you Invictus.


read my experience

still going strong

the “reset effect” in the studies was only observed at a very high dosis - thus microdosing is not the way to go…see the study i linked in my thread

besides if you use magic truffels instead of magic mushrooms be aware that you need to take way more of them since they are weaker then magic mushrooms

btw magic mushrooms are considered as the safest drug outthere

weed, alcohol are more riskier for your health than magic mushrooms


hey man glad u experienced urself after a while, where did u order it? it was online? inbox me please where u ordered it i dont know how to get it


is this progress sustained?


Very interesting observations here
Took a microdose, felt maybe a little out of it the first day. Then no change for 2-3 days. Then had 3-days of the best recovery I had in years with all pfs symptoms reversed. Honestly felt like a million bucks

This weekend I went out and ate all kinds of garbage food and crashed and am back to baseline.

There is something to this but the part that is reallly hard to figure out is the proper dosing, how much, how often, etc.

I’ll keep experimenting and reporting my findings


That’s interesting, do you respond poorly to junk food normally?

What do you define as junk food?


I have tested positive for all kinds of food allergies so it doesn’t take much to really mess up my body


I was on the way down this weekend anyway and even if I didn’t eat garbage I probably would have come down to baseline anyway. I think I might need a heavier dose of psilocybin

It’s just that it’s hard for me to be alone to do it and I don’t have people around me who understand or would be supportive


Took it today. Crazy energy, I literally couldnt stop walking. Also very high motivation.


This js just nonsense. Nobody can cure himself with this. I have used both LSD and Mushrooms. They actually make your penis like a plastic toy during the trip, due to vaconstraction of the blood vessels.


And yet people are saying they feel better having used it. Who to believe?


I was regarding the sexual sides. I don’t know for which reason these guys used it. But for mental side effects, yeah it can be a helpful tool. But i don’t think the psychedelic serotonin rush can be sustainable. Maybe microdosing it would work.


I had great success repairing and bringing back emotions and libido with Psilocybin mushrooms after Accutane. My protocol is a 4gram mushroom trip every 4 days for 2 months. After these two months I felt completely reset, like a baby. I was also eating healthy, exercising, and not masturbating. During my last few trips I was having intense full body euphoria, better than an orgasm, lasted about 10-15 minutes. That was the last trip I did. Highly recommend to anyone. Also I would strongly advise against LSD, I have taken both and LSD is far easier to abuse or have a bad trip on. Stick with mushrooms, they are much safer, natural and are shown to heal the brain. Now that I have finasteride sides, I am going back to the 4 gram mushroom trip every 4 days protocol.


Every 4 days for 2 months… tripping on 4 grams of mushrooms… man… i hope you are just joking. It is so damn dangerous for your mind to using that kind of amount of psychedelic substance. It is good to see you improved by it though.
Also mushrooms are not safer than LSD. The truth is the opposite. Im not going to post some trip stories here. But for %90 of the people, including myself, mushrooms are far more dangerous to trip on. I blacked out on 3 grams and lost my whole perception of reality. But on Lsd, it is far more controllable and causes less ego-death.


Hi Cooper,

I took lower dosages of shrooms to begin with but after Accutane it seemed like the shrooms had zero effect. I slowly increased the dosage until 4 grams, which turned out pretty normal for me, but it may be to much for someone with zero mental side effects. As I kept taking the 4 grams, and my brain recovered, the 4 grams did eventually become stronger and stronger.

Also, I tend to stay away from LSD simply due to its duration and stimulating effects, if I start having a bad trip it can literally last 10+ hours. On shrooms if I start having a bad trip, I know it will be over relatively soon 2-3 hours, usually followed by a nice sedating effect. LSD on the other hand works more like a long lasting stimulant, and I am usually tired after tripping that long.