25 yr old almost 0 testosterone 1.3 years after fin


Here are my results…

LH – 3.9 – range = 1.5-9.3 mIU/mL
Prolactin – 12.8-- range = 2.0-18 ng/mL
Estradiol – 29 — range <39 pg/mL

And the grand finale…

Testosterone total – 10 – Range = 250-1100 ng/dL (No there is no unit conversion error)
Free Testosterone – 0.6 — Range 35-155 (Didnt even make it to 1.0)

May have been worse before considering my symptoms are somewhat better now… How am I even alive? I haven’t seen anyone this low here, and I can’t believe it’s me. I wish I could wake up from this nightmare. I have intermittent periods every few months where I seem to lose hair and have no side effects, lose my gyno. Have developed peyronie’s with no plaques and the hourglass deformation. Anyone thoughts or similar experiences?

I am on these supplements, can they be making things worse?

  1. Bromelian
  2. L-arginine
    3)Omega 3
  3. Acetyl-l-carnitine
    5)Vitamin E
  4. Gotu Kola


Difficult to know what to make of those numbers. Your body’s ability to make testosterone has been severely compromised, it seems. My first question would be what did the doctor say? Surely with such abnormal numbers he would have devoted effort to caring for you and devising a treatment protocol?


That is very low. Have you tested them more than once to confirm the results?


Update: 1.5 months since last test

LH 3.7 (range 1.5-9.3)
DHT 39
( range 16-79) [Baseline DHT before finasteride 1.3 years ago was 23]
Prolactin 11.8___ (range 2-18)
Testosterone Total 534 ____ (range 250-827) [better than 10 right?]
Estriadol 46 ____ (range <39)-- (only one out of range now)
Sex hormone binding Globulin 31 __(range 10-50)

I don’t think the first test was wrong. The first test was after a crash. I am up and down. Kind of makes sense now that I am having spontaneous errections again, been working out, but have more man boobs than i ever have.

Happy I am not at 10 testosterone all the time. But my guess is i am all over the place day to day. Would take this result over the last one any day. Feeling more hopeful now.


Please repeat tests using different lab.


Yeah, that’s probably good advice.


I had one test that was as low as 99. But 10 is the lowest I have seen.

I have had tests at 99, 400s, 600s, 800s, 1200s. It didnt matter though I felt zero difference between all of them.